16 May: celebrate International Ezerjó Day!

The first community Ezerjó pack of wines from Mór

Ezerjó Day is on 16 May, but the winemakers prefer to say May is the month of Ezerjó. This refreshing, juicy, lovely wine is indeed the ideal drink on a warm and sunny May day. 6 producers of Mór wine regionput together their Ezerjó wines to prove that this relatively unknown grape variety deserves more attention. You can still order it and enjoy it in May!

“My first impression was that Ezerjó produces simple, refreshing, zesty wines. But, as I explore this Hungarikum, I discover there is much more to it – and that it is capable of producing oak- and amphora-aged whites, as well as sparkling wines. In fact, many ‘good things’.”
Chris Boiling, Canopy (IWC), United Kingdom

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Did you know?

– Ezerjó means “Thousand Good” – a tale telling name, isn’t it? Ezerjó used to be more popular, 10 years ago there were 4 times more vineyards planted under Ezerjó, now there are only 400 hectares in three wine regions: Mór, Kunság and Neszmély.
– Though it is an indigenous Hungarian grape, there is a little quantity in the neighbouring Austria as well. They use the same, but certainly in German: Tausent Güte.
– Ezerjó is a good parent: it is the parent of several grape varieties: Zengő, Zeusz, Zenit, Generosa.

Food pairings with Ezerjó recipes by renowned Hungarian chefs

Ezerjó wines not only in Hungary

If you cannot find an importer near your home, you can order Ezerjó wines from Winelovers Webshop. They ship to every European country!

Ezerjó Community Wine Pack Mór 2023

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