Did you know that Pulitzer was Hungarian?

Did you know that Pulitzer was Hungarian?

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Joseph Pulitzer, the founder of the most prestigious American journalist award, Pulitzer Prize was born in Hungary. His hometown, Makó is famous for red paprika, a spice indispensable for Hungarian traditional dishes. Pulitzer was born in 1847, when Hungary was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After his father’s death the family impoverished, therefore Pulitzer went to America and enrolled in the Lincoln Cavalry in the American Civil War. Later he became a wealthy publisher in New York owning the newspaper The World. “Joseph Pulitzer’s atavistic love of freedom and the fighting spirit he imported from Hungary accompanied him throughout his lifetime. For his entire life, he was a passionate devotee to the cause of liberty: the liberty of action, of opinion, of government.” (By András Csillag). Follow this genius of journalism to his homeland, write about Hungary and its wines, and you will have chance to win a 4 day exclusive trip to Hungary along with several other prizes. Nominateyour online writing until 30 Juneto participate in the I. Hungarian WebWineWriting!

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