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Dubicz: a Mátra winery with creative ideas

“In spite of the common belief, it is not impolite to pour some more wines in a glass, even if it is not empty.”  I read this sentence in the blog section of Dubicz Winery and Vineyards and I thought “thanks God, finally someone has said that”. Dubicz blog posts are well written and interesting, and though they are available in Hungarian only at the moment, you can enjoy the other features of this creative winery. Just to mention a few:

Try painting with tasting and reveal the hidden artist in you! During the wine tasting event, we will try several painting techniques (watercolor and acrylic), which helps us take the wine tasting experience to an even higher level. We represent feelings reflected by the wines simply but creatively, while we also play with the colors and shapes. We guide our guests through the whole process, so absolute beginners can also try this kind of wine tasting.

Explore mountainous Mátra with a quad! The experience is for adrenaline addicts, a quad tour followed by a tasting. It is available from spring, yet it is an ideal Christmas present. You can buy the experience now and you can arrange the flight and hotel later. “The electric quadbikes can easily go over all terrains, whether it is sandy, rocky, steep, deepening, full of obstacles or water flows, while their traction power is huge. Each quadbike is for two persons and they can reach a speed of even 50-60 kph

Enjoy navigating on the website, which happens to be the Website of the Year 2021. If you surf among the wines, you will see that each wine is paired not only with dishes, but also with situations. The “life pairing” of Zsizsi sparkling wine is this: When everyone is dancing on the table.”. It makes me curious for Zsizsi, how about you? Zsizsi is an aerated sparkling wine made of Muscat Lunel. It is named after a relative, a late woman whose nickname was Zsizsi, but the word also refers to the buzzing dance of the bubbles.

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Until your personal visit in Mátra, you can order Dubicz wines from Winelovers Webshop, they ship to every European country!

Quad in Mátra with Dubicz winery, Hungary

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