Hilltop wine terrace

Hilltop – a heavenly “wine school”

Would you like to learn about wines in a stunning place? Hilltop Wine Estate and Restaurant is the ideal place with breathtaking view, a swimming pool, great, crispy & fruity wines and extras like picnic with a golf car. Plus Hilltop Neszmély Winery has launched its educational program with exciting features like the aroma profiles of their wines.

The perfect getaway at a stone’s throw from Budapest

The Most Beautiful Wine Estate of Hungary (award won in 2018) is well known in Hungary for the astonishing venue for weddings and other events. The estate is not far from Budapest (less than an hour’s drive) and its superb kitchen makes it an ideal getaway for foodies as well. The swimming pool is open for visitors with a daily ticket, and guests can treat themselves with a glass of wine by the pool. Discovering the estate with a golf car – and with a full picnic basket – is another top tip.

More about Hilltop Wine Hotel

Hilltop golf car
The golf car which takes you around the estate

A flood of information and aroma circle

Hilltop Neszmély winery has launched a complex educational program which has several features. They give more information than usual on their labels – even the amount of calories are featured, which is not typical at all (see below). Aroma circle is another exciting tool: every wine occupies a different shape in the circle depending on the aromas it is abundant in. As the aroma shape below reveals, Hilltop Irsai Olivér 2020 boasts plenty of white flesh fruits (‘fehér gyümölcsök’) and perfume notes.

The aim of the long term educational marketing project is to educate young wine drinkers and promote moderate wine consumption – for this reason Hilltop joined Wine in Moderation.

Hilltop wines are available in several countries, for example in the United Kingdom. If you need help to find a Hilltop wine, contact us!

Hilltop Neszmély winery will participate in Hungarian Gettogether on 19 August in the Castle of Siklós

Hilltop aroma profie

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