Hilltop gastro video: “HillToasty”

Every winery tries to make the best of these months. Online tastings abound, but Hilltop created something more efficient: a series of cooking videos. While wine tastings are less attractive without personal participation, cooking videos are always popular. The first epizode of this series presents a hearty breakfast, a simple but delicious toast. As Evelin Fazekas, chef of Hilltop restaurant comments, you only have to fry two eggs, place two slices of good quality bread on the eggs, spread pesto on one of them, place some Serrano ham, plenty of Cheddar cheese and some dried tomato on the pesto slice, then fold the other slice on top with the egg. The chef pairs it with Hilltop Kamocsay Prémium Rozé 2019, which is made of 100% Pinot Noir. This rosé is concentrated enough to accompany the complex sandwich, and its vibrant acidity is needed for the greasy cheese. Plus the elegant rosé is the right choice for this royal breakfast and a royal start of the day…

Watch the video on how to make HillToasty (in Hungarian, but easy to follow)

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