Hilltop Neszmély

A Hungarian owned model vineyard and wine producer, Hilltop Neszmély operates in a state-of-the-art winery overlooking the River Danube. The wines are crafted from grapes grown in the excellent terroirs of historic wine regions in Hungary covering 400 hectares, most of which have been dedicated to wine production since the Roman times.

Besides expanding exports the domestic market has also shown dynamic growth. Head Winemaker Ákos Kamocsay was chosen Winemaker of the Year both in Hungary and in the UK. Hilltop is also present in the fine wine segment with complex and age-worthy wines. Hilltop wines can proudly stand comparison with the so-called “handcrafted” wines which is confirmed by a string of excellent results in domestic and international competitions.



Ágnes Ruttkai
Marketing executive
Zoltán Dorn
commercial manager
Tel.: +36 30 247 3244

Web: www.hilltop.hu

Hilltop Wine Hotel & Restaurant: hilltopborhotel.hu



Irsai Olivér 2021

Irsai Olivér is the emblematic variety of Hilltop brand, the winery can hardly supply the excessed demand. Its popularity lies in its clear, aromatic character. The flavour of the juicy table grape and the abundant floral notes have already convinced many winelovers. An easy drinking, light, attractive wine. Easy to love it!


Kamocsay Prémium Pinot Noir Rosé 2021

Elegant, restrained yet intense enough to tempt to taste. Strawberry, redcurrant, spices and terroir notes from the chalky-loess soil make it obvious, that there is a complex, exciting rosé in our glass. On the palate it is a full bodied, creamy, yet elegant wine to every single drop of it.


Kamocsay Prémium Pinot Gris 2018

Ripened fruit character – apricot, nectarine –, honeyed notes, flowers and discreet minerality.


Kamocsay Prémium Ihlet Cuvée 2021

Full bodied, rich, thick and astonishingly aromatic. It is all about roundness, ripeness and deep structure. Huge pleasure – literally. “When winemaking becomes art, the outcome is a work of art. This cuvée is a wine of love. Made of the favourites, the pick of the winemaker. The essence of the Kamocsay brand.”


Kamocsay Prémium Chardonnay 2020

“A long lasting pleasure.” Based on our experience gained within the past decades, we can declare that our vineyard selected wines have a long ageing potential. During a few years of bottle ageing these wines become more complex, more mineral, deeper and more mature, therefore it is worth planning with them for the future.


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