Paulus Wine House

The winery was founded by Pál Molnár in 2012 and by now it has become one of the largest and more successful wineries in Mór wine region. “I am a happy person, because I am one of the few whose childhood dreams may have come true. This dream was a winery of my own. I have always appreciated when perseverance coupled with humility created value. The product of my dreams is this winery, the roots of which lie in the family harvests experienced as a child.

130 hectares in ideal location

“Making good wine begins in the vineyards”Paulus owns 130 hectares of newly planted vineyards at the foot of the magically beautiful, picturesque Vértes Mountains. The winery grows 15 white varieties, the most important grapes are Ezerjo, Királyleányka and Generosa – this latter one was bred by Károly Bíró in Mór and then it was undeservedly forgotten. The winery cultivates Pinot Noir as well, which also stands out in Mór wine region.

To make customers happy

The winery has a storage capacity of 15,000 hectoliters. Thanks to the latest developments, Lajos Mogyorósi chief winemaker and his team can work with the most modern technology, which is essential to achieve and maintain high quality today. Our goal is to satisfy consumer needs, therefore we vinify our wines to make dry, semi-sweet and sweet wines. In addition to our still wines, sparkling wine occupies a prominent place.” The winery has an in site restaurant called Wine Musem with the capacity of 150 people. Wine Museum was built in the 1700s, bought and renovated by Pál Molnár in 2016.


Péter Farkas

Paulus Wine House
Tel.: +36 20-404-17-50



Paulus Gold Sauvignon Blanc 2019

The exciting, spicy nose of this Sauvignon Blanc is reminiscent of blossoming trees. Vivacious, juicy, refreshing, zesty.


Paulus Gold Ezerjo 2019

Straw yellow colour, attractive nose with green apple and pear. A charming wine mediterranean character and vibrant acidity.


Paulus Gold Generosa 2019

Vivacious aromas on the nose and both parents of Generosa on the palate: vibrant acidity – typical of Ezerjó grape – and fruity aftertaste – characteristic of the Traminer variety. The nose is attractive and impressive, captures us immediately when we pour the wine into the glass and the flavours will give what we expect after the nose. Charming and enjoyable.


Paulus Rosé 2019

A light hearted, refreshing rosé wine with pale pink colour. Attractive, fruity nose with strawberries and redcurrant, which notes are paired on the palate with the crispy acidity typical of Mór wine region. A light, easy to drink rosé wine.

Extra dry

Generosa extra dry 2019

The world’s first sparkling wine made of Generosa variety. The vinification method is known as ‘Asti method’. The sparkling wine shows all the distinct notes of the variety both on the nose and on the palate – floral and grapey with vibrant acidity. Due to the process and the variety the wine promises a unique, adventurous experience from the very first sip.


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