Préselő Winery

Inspiring wines, flawless resting

An evocative renewed wine cellar and guest house in the heart of Erdőbénye. Wine-cellars mellowed by age, modern style and thrilling wines in the glass and the hospitality of Préselő’s team. Everything is set for a perfect relaxation in surroundings of Tokaj-Hegyalja, an UNESCO World Heritage site…

Préselő team

The owners Zsolt Nagy, his wife Gabi and Árpád Zöldi-Kovács –begun their passion for wine almost two decades ago. Zsolt, an international consultant by profession, sampled the art of grape cultivation in a different vine-region, while Árpád as a viticulture-viniculture engineer was the head winemaker of a local vineyard. They launched the first vintage in 2013 that was supported by Gabi being the oenologist / wine-tester for harmonizing the savor.

All together is a great set-up while completing the viticulture activities, cellar and wine-testing events.The quality of Préselő’s genuinely elegant wines are made up based on local conditions and using the intuition of the internationally experienced oenologist / wine-tester.

The Préselő story

‘Préselő’ means ‘Wine Press’, and here comes the explanation of the owners: When we launched our winery in Tokaj-Hegyalja, we discovered this old vine-dresser house located in the center of Erdőbénye and we had done our best to renew it in a suitable manner to become our vineyard estate.

Inside of the abandoned house we found this beautiful, industrial relic, double-bedded wine-press, that is placed today in the main part of the yard, being also the eponym of our brand. The more than 100 years old wine-press has been preserved in a very good shape as the contemporary state-of-the-art technology made in a renowned workshop from Miskolc.

Préselő vineyards and capacity

The vineyards are spread all around Erdőbénye on almost 8 hectares. The diversity of the vineyards’ orientation let them produce approx. 12 000–15 000 bottles of wine on a yearly basis. Beside the dry wines based on the well known Tokaj varieties Préselő produces Tokaji Aszú and late harvest sweet wines as well.

Guest house

“We are aiming for a regional hospitality where we are also pleased to relax, where beside our hand-made wine testing events there should be also an adventure feeling, awareness of life provided for our guests.”


Zsolt Nagy
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Préselő Winery and Guesthouse


Préselő ‘Apukám bora’ Furmint 2020

Greenish, straw-lemon-yellow coloured wine. Its intensive pear and peach aromas are well completed by the sour citruses, barrel spices and salty minerality characteristic of Tokaj wine region. Elegant and harmonious wine with dynamic acids, good balance and lingering aftertaste.


Préselő Etude Muscat Blanc 2021

A uniqe sweet wine due to the exceptional climate of 2021. Crispy acids balancing beautifully the sweetness of the wine parallel to intensive fresh sensation on the nose and palate of charming Muscat Blanc grapes.


Préselő Furmint Selection Rány 2017

The clear and elegant nose is abundant in white fruits. Balanced palate with apricot, peach, notes of gentle barrel usage and fresh acidity. An elegant representation of modern style Tokaj Dry wines.


Préselő Hárslevelű Selection Serédi 2018

It has nice flavours, fresh acidity ensuring long ageing capacity. The wine won silver medal at Bordeaux International Wine Competition.


Préselő Tokaji Aszú 2017

Golden aszú from the year of 2017! High extract content. Beautiful, crisp acids ensures a fresh, really drinkable dessert wine. Apricot, pear and honeycomb on the palate. Still young, with long ageing capacity.


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