Type of the wine: White, dry
Grape variety: 100% Chardonnay
Acidity / alcohol content: 1,3 g/l 12,5 %
Terroir, vineyard:  NA
Training system:  NA
Harvest: NA
Technology:  100 % stainless steel fermentation at 16 °C
Quality level:  Birtok Selection
Temperature:  8-10 °C
Food pairing:  poultry (chicken, turkey)
Available quantity:  NA BOTTLES
Retail price:  1.690 HUF / 5-6 EUROS


In appearance the wine is clear day bright. Medium intensity lemon colour with goldish reflexes. The viscosity is medium. In the nose it is medium intensity with light buttery notes and dried pineapple, vanilla and yellow apple is dominant. On the palate the wine is dry however some gramms of residual sugar or sweetness feeling gives a nice round and longer after taste. Not agressive taste where the yellow apple is significantly dominant with a hint of stewed pear. In the background there are the falvors which has been shown in the nose. Nicely done balanced wine for every days.

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