Sol montis

Sol Montis

From November 2020, Kovács és Lánya Winery in Mátra wine region continues under the name Sol Montis.

Our most important goal, while maintaining impeccable quality, is to open up to international markets in addition to the existing domestic market. In 2020, we completed the expansion of our new winery, which now has a capacity of 5,000 hectoliters. Thus, in addition to our existing knowledge and our 110-hectare estate, we also have the capacity to serve consumers in large volumes.

We place great emphasis on conscious construction, and we believe that a new brand and image was essential for this.

Sol Montis Winery

Where the sun and the mountain meet

The new name refers to the location: Sol Montis means Sun Mountain, that is, where the sun and the mountain meet. This image is captured by a contemporary logo floating above the stylized silhouette of the Mátra, following the lines of the mountain. The narrow shape of the labels, which combine modern minimalist and traditionally elegant style, evokes the sky-long view of the infinitely long farmland at our feet. All this is important for our winery because, in addition to our international technology, we place great emphasis on protecting local values.

Sol Montis winery

Our wines

The wines are still excellent, there are three wine assortments to choose from, and new wines are also being added to the selection.

– Classic wines

We make it in every vintage, we recommend it for light reductive wines, especially for our multi- and hypermarket partners.

– Premium wines

In our quality category, this forms the transitional family that is available for both retail and wholesale.

– Estate wines

The best, selected batches of the winery, which are only available in good years, in limited numbers for our gastro partners or directly in the winery.

We hope to welcome you among our partners soon!


Zita Kovács


Irsai Oliver

Irsai Olivér 2020

Intense, charming, Muscat-like nose, pleasant acidity. A refreshing, soft wine, ideal company for summer evenings, but a good choice – always and everywhere.

Olaszrizling 2020

Almond tree blossom and citrus fruits. Golden colour wine, in which the scents of a freshly cut meadow race with the fruity flavours.

Kisfrancia 2020

A blend of three varieties with the best characteristics of each of them. Exciting aromas and flavours of ginger, peach and apricot.

Naplevente 2020

Rose petal, a bouquet of flowers, bitter almond. Black or white, yes or no: if you like it, you like it a lot. If you don’t like it, it is not your wine. You cannot stand in the middle of the road. Here, in Mátra, on the Mountain of the Sun it is Levente, who takes you for a walk. Be alone or in company – or at a date –, this wine will accompany you with its enchanting aromas and refreshing flavours.

Viognier 2020

Peach, ginger and exotic spices.

Fajzat Cuvée 2019

Rose petals, lychee, red berry fruits

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