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Wine event during the pandemic? Hilltop has the solution!

Hilltop Neszmély winery has solved the problem of having an event at a time, when events are not allowed. As the name of the winery suggests, it is situated on the top of a hill. Around the estate building, the restaurant and wine hotel there is a large, open space with green grass. People cannot have party inside the restaurant, so let’s go out!

A door was erected to symbolize the entrance, so guests could “enter” and the winery could host a good amount of people in a safe way. It was a huge success, thus Hilltop invites its followers every weekend.

The next “Bor, birtok, bogrács” (Wine, estate and cauldron dish) awaits wine lovers and foodies again, both on Saturday and Sunday. “Gulyás” cooked in cauldron on open fire, egg plant spread, home made rillette, lentil dahl, oven baked pita with garlic butter, chocolate souffle, mulled wine, hot chocolate and many other delicacies will be available besides the stunning view of the region.

So if you are stuck in Hungary, it is time to go out and socialize in a safe way.
Hilltop Neszmély is only an hour’s drive from Budapest.
More information: +36 70 774 6663, etterem@hilltopborbirtok.hu

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