Mátra – vineyard of the mountains


Sebastian Giraldo

Hungary’s Beloved Aromatic Wines

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Tiberiu Onutu

Busuioaca vânătă de Bohotin-Huși

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Vinoholic – Mihály Lőrinc

Aromatic adventures in the Bükk

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  • The absolute winner of all 4 categories (the one who collects the most votes among the finalists) will win an all inclusive study tour in Hungary on 17–20 August, including flight ticket from and to a European destination. In case the winner cannot travel due to COVID restrictions, another option will be offered in March 2022.
  • The category winner article will be posted on hungarianwines.eu.
  • The category winner will receive an electronic badge that he or she can display on the website or blog.
  • The winner of the category will receive a 2 day (1 night) wine tour in Mátra wine region. The wine tour includes 5 winery visits to the following estates: Bárdos Winery, Dubicz Winery, Molnár és Fiai Winery, Sol Montis Winery, Solybor / Nyilas Winery.
  • The winner of the category can participate in the all inclusive study tour in Hungary on 17–20 August, excluding flight ticket.
  • All finalists of the category will receive a wine package of 6 bottles from smaller, artisan winemakers of Mátra wine region.
  • All category winners will get invitation to the award ceremony taking place on 19 August 2021 in the Castle of Siklós (Villány, Hungary).

Jury members

Zita Kovács
Zita Kovács

Sol Montis winery was previously known as Kovács & Daughter – Zita is the “daughter” of the family winery. After receiving her degree from Budapest University of Horticulture, she started to work with immense momuntu, both in the winery and to develop Mátra wine region. She is the president of Mátra Wine Council.  Mátra is a colourful wine region not only regarding the varietals, but also regarding the different scales of winemaking – which serves as a great base for the strategy of the wine region. From artisan estate to large plants everybody aims to create the best wines from the same soil according to his or her own expertise and philosphy. We have a true treasure in our hands, we only have to believe it! For me Mátra is the most exciting wine region and I will make every effort to spread this message to as many people as possible.”  

Peder Lehmann Larsen

Peder has close to 20 years of experience within the wine industry as importer and managing wine specialist shops as well as being a writer, wine judge and wine educator. Currently, Peder is studying for his WSET Diploma with WSET School London. Peder serves as ambassador to Denmark for the world wide Facebook community, #winelover, and writes with great passion about all things wine and he is particularly well known for his writings about Hungarian wine. Peder was a 2020 finalist in Hungarianwines.eu‘s Web Wine Writing Competition for his article, “Villányi Cabernet Franc – Love at first Sip” and in 2019 Peder had his article “Denmark for Wine lovers” published on Jancisrobinson.com.

Toronyi Zsuzsa

A wine marketing expert of great experience, wine educater and certified winemaker. Owner amd manager London basedWines of Hungary UK wine marketing agency, which promotes Hungarian wines in the UK market. Previusly she had led the marketing department of a large multinational company, and prior to that she worked as w ine buyer in Hungary. She used to be co-owner of the largest Hungarian wine school called CEWI.


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