List of Recommended Wineries

We, at represent only those wineries that we know personally and we are convinced about their excellency. Please, read the stories behind the names, and if you get curious about the wines, do not hesitate to contact them, or us, or your local supplier of Hungarian wines.

Babarczi Vineyard and Winery

Babarczi Vineyard and Winery is situated in one of the smallest wine regions of Hungary, Pannonhalma wine region, at the edge of Small Plain. The family owned winery was founded [...]

Barta Winery

The history of the estate The estate was founded in 2003 by Barta family with the objective to revive Öreg Király vineyard (’Old King’ vineyard) of great prestige, abandoned since […]

Béres Winery

The story of the Béres Vineyards and Winery began in 2002. This was the year Béres family, motivated by the love of Tokaj and its wines, decided to take up […]

Bock Estate

A Family Concern The Bock family has been growing vines and producing wine in the Villány wine region since 1850. A love of wine and the winemaking craft has been […]

Borbély Family Winery

Borbély Family Winery is indeed a winery of which duties the whole family takes part in: both the founder Gyula and his wife, Gabriella, and both the second generation represented by Tamás and Diána.

Csányi Winery

Csányi Winery is located on the outskirts of the town of Villány, the predecessor of which, Chateau Teleki Winery was established by Zsigmond Teleki in 1881. The owners considered the […]

Csetvei Cellar

The winery was founded and is owned by a young lady called Krisztina Csetvei. She was born near Szabadka in 1983 (Subotica, a Hungarian speaking town in Serbia) and moved to Budapest with her family when she was a child.

Dereszla Winery

Tokaj wine region, situated in the North-East of Hungary is famous for its sweet wines made of shrivelled berries due to the influence of noble rot, as known as Botrytis cinerea.

Dominium Winery, Mátra wine region

Our family winery combines well-earned knowledge and diligent thoroughness with the enthusiasm of youth. The responsibility of making the key decisions is shared among our family members.

Dubicz Winery & Vineyard

Dubicz Winery & Vineyard is a wine cellar with 115-year history and 100 hectares of own vineyard that focuses mainly on white wines.

Dúzsi Family Winery

Horticulture engineer, teacher, active consultant winemaker Tamás Dúzsi is a member of Wine Academy of Hungary, Pannon Winemaker Guild of Hungary (Magyar Bormíves Céh) and a former road-cyclist.

Eszterbauer Winery

Since 1746, Eszterbauer family’s vineyard has been included in the archives of Szekszard city. Janos is the 10th Eszterbauer generation, who operates the tradition-based wine company.

Etyeki Kúria Winery

The Etyeki Kúria Winery was established in 1996 with a grape growing area of 2 hectares at Etyek Old-Hill. Soon it became the leading winery of its wine region.

Fehérvári Wine Estate

The connection between the Fehérvári family and Somló wine region dates back to 1545. Together with the family estate, the knowledge and experience accumulated during generations is passed down from father to son following tradition. Just like the love, gratitude and responsibility we felt for Somló. This deep attachment is felt in our relationship to grapes, wine, and the people of the area.

Feind Winery

Lajos Feind founded the winery in 1995, when he bought 14 hectares of vineyards close to Lake Balaton. At that time it was only grape growing, but it set the path towards the establishment of a winery.

Frittmann Winery

Frittmann wines are made in the southern part of Kunság wine region in a small town called Soltvadkert, in a family winery. The parents and also the grandaparents grew grapes and made wines in Kunság which is the biggest wine region of Hungary. The new generation follows the route: the two youngest sons study oenology

Gál Tibor Winery

The best things in life – like wine among other things – must be fully enjoyed and appreciated. Gál Tibor wines are made according to this concept. We are passionate about creating wines that are unique, harmonious and exciting in every sip of them.

Garamvári Vineyard

Garamvári Vineyard owns altogether 80 hectares of outstanding terroirs with unique climate on the slopes of Balatonlelle, Balatonboglár and Szőlősgyörök. These great vineyards nurture low yield grapes of infinite varieties, which give the base of the wines and sparkling wines of the estate.

Gere Tamás & Zsolt Winery

Our fully family run business has been in viniculture and wine production for dozens of year,  located in Villany, the Southernmost part of Hungary, which is also one of the most popular and acclaimed wine regions.

Gere Winery

Gere Attila Winery is a family enterprise started in 1991 and now one of the most important wineries in Hungary. Attila Gere – originally a forester, and the owner of the company – received the Hungarian Wine Maker of the Year title in 1994.

Heimann & Fiai

‘Kadarka-man’ is how Zoltán Heimann Jr is known around town. The son of Ágnes & Zoltán Heimann completed his training in Geisenheim, Montpellier and Udine.

Heumann Winery

The estate is located in the area of Siklós in the Hungarian wine region Villány. This Family-owned artisanal winery was founded in the late 1990s by the Swiss-German couple Evelyne and Erhard Heumann and gradually built up since then.


Our winery is in the heart of the Tokaj wine region in Hungary, just a few miles from Europe’s geometric centre. The Mád basin holds a special position in the world of winegrowing because of its unique soil, macroclimate, and microclimate.

Homola Winery

Homola Winery is cultivating in the best vineyards of Csopak grape growing area, on 15 hectares of its own land, which is currently undergoing organic conversion. The natural approach is becoming increasingly important in the life of the winery, the wines are made with minimal intervention, long ageing, most of the wines are unfiltered and unrefined.

Jackfall Winery, Villány

Homola Winery is cultivating in the best vineyards of Csopak grape growing area, on 15 hectares of its own land, which is currently undergoing organic conversion. The natural approach is becoming increasingly important in the life of the winery, the wines are made with minimal intervention, long ageing, most of the wines are unfiltered and unrefined.

Koch Winery

The Koch Winery has been dealing with viticulture and wine production for generations. It is located in Hajós region, Borota. The modern winery is been managed in 140 ha, it produces 27 types of wine and sells 800.000 bottle in a year.

Kovacs Nimrod Winery

Kovács Nimrod Winery is situated in seven continuous cellars on the historic Verőszala Street in Eger.

Kristinus Wine Estate

Kristinus Wine Estate is situated on the South of Lake Balaton in Balatonboglár wine region. Kristinus has been a Demeter certified biodynamic estate since 2022.

Lajver Wine House

When planning our estate, a particularly important aspect was to respect our natural conditions and to adapt to them so that the estate could fit into its surroundings as harmoniously as possible.

Pannonhalma Archabbey

The vineyards of the Pannonhalma Archabbey are situated in the officially designated wine region of Pannonhalma which, with a total area of about 600 hectares, is one of the smallest of the 22 historic wine regions of Hungary.

Patricius Winery

The Patricius Winery was established by the Kékessy family’s oenological vocation for the future, which vocation is cherishing from the past. The owners are Dezső Kékessy and his daughter Katinka Kékessy.

Sabar Wine House

Badacsony wine region, which is situated north of Lake Balaton, the largest lake of Europe, is not only a wine region of breathtaking beauty, but also one of the oldest wine growing areas of Hungary.


Sauska is a family-owned and operated winery with vineyards in both Tokaj (NE Hungary) and Villany (SW Hungary). We grow indigenous and international grape varieties and use only the power of gravity and ambient yeasts to craft our wines.

Steigler Cellar

The organic tissue of several elements: an outstanding terroir, unique aromas and flavours, human fates, tradition of millenia and an exceptional cellar. A tool in the hand of nature to create quality organic wines to please people.

Szeleshát Estate

Szeleshát is a single vineyard, has its own microclimate. These southern faced slopes warm up easily because they are located between the Hungarian Great Plain and the Geresd hillside. There is a constant wind on the top of Szeleshát, because the hot dry air from the great plain mixed with the cool air from the hillside area. Szeles-hát means in Hungarian „windy hilltop”. Every part of Szeleshát is in the best official vineyard category.

Taschner Winery and Sparkling Wine Cellar

The family vineyard is of 26 hectares, where mostly indigenous grapes are grown, but besides Kékfrankos, Zweigelt and Zöldveltelini (Grüner Veltliner) special grapes are grown as well.

Tornai winery

The Tornai Wine-Cellar is one of the biggest wine yards, including 60 hectares, mostly on the southern, eastern and western part of the mountain.


Tóth Ferenc Winery can be bravely called family winery, as through generations, old and young members of the winemaker family work every day obsessed to bring forward the good reputation of the winery and the wines of Eger.

Tűzkő Estate

The history of Tűzkő Estate dates back to the beginning of the 1990s when Hungary went through some groundbreaking political and economic changes. This transformation created real market conditions and opened up the county for foreign investors as well.

Vesztergombi Cellar

All the old cities with rich history have families that live, age and renew together with the place, Vesztergombi is a family like this. The family coat of arms used on their labels, comes from the early 1700s. This serves as evidence that the family has been cultivating grapes and making wine out of them for a long time.
Szekszárd’s first vineyard judge was called György Vesztergombi.

Villa Sandahl

Villa Sandahl was founded in Badacsony 2004, by two Swedish brothers with their families. The reason with turning to Hungary, was that world class vineyards were still affordable and could be acquired by wine lovers like us.

Vylyan Vineyard and Winery

We believe that the quality of wine is mainly determined by the grape. Fine wine can be made only with excellent grapes since we start with the fundaments even when building a house.

Zsirai Winery

Our beloved father raised us along these principles, and he established the Zsirai Winery based on them. These are the values we follow when fulfilling his dream and his legacy.

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