5th Hungarian Gettogether

25 August 2022

Venue: Pannonhalma Archabbey Winery


The Main Sponsor of Gettogether:

Volkswagen Arteon


Program of the 5th Gettogether powered by REKONTIR Group


14.00 Opening

14.00–21.00 Relaxed tasting at the exhibitor booths

16.00 Grand Prix award ceremony by the Circle of Hungarian Wine Writers

17.30 SinKotta improv theatre and tango

18.00 5th WebWineWriting contest award ceremony

19.00 Era Nova Orchestra – strings of joy

20.00–24.00 DJ Prof.I.T. – master of the vinyls


The official mineral water of the 5th Hungarian Gettogether:

Vis Vitalis “Time has shaped it to perfection”

Partner hotel of the 5th Hungarian Gettogether:

Land-Plan Hotel***& Restaurant

The 48 well-equipped rooms of Land-Plan Hotel provide comfortable accommodation for a total of 92 people. The hotel's restaurant offers specialties of Hungarian cuisine with special focus on fish dishes. The hotel is located only 10 km from the UNESCO World Heritage Pannonhalmi Abbey. More information: https://landplanhotel.hu/en/

Guest exhibitor:  Les Grands Chais de France

Who wouldn’t be curious about France’s most special wine regions? This year for the first time at the Hungarian Gettogether event, Les Grands Chais de France created by the Helfrich Family, gives us the opportunity to discover a world where excellent French winemakers perform with modern technology, with outstanding know-how and with lifelong commitment. This is the perfect moment to enrich our cultural knowledge, enjoy gastronomic delights and explore the multifaceted nature of French wine together!

Guest exhibitor: #Neszmély

Following in the footsteps of the well-known community wines, the regional wine brand of the Neszmély wine region, #Neszmély is ready to make its mark. This symbol of shared thinking and united commitment for the future of the wine region aims to be more than just a wine. Through #Neszmély, the participating wineries want to draw attention to the Neszmély wine region, with its proud history of more than 2,000 years, the cultural values of the region and its great potential for tourism.
The Neszmélyi BORvidékÉRT Association has 6 members: Bősze Cellars, Hilltop Neszmély Winery, Kisbaka Family Wine Estate, Kősziklás Winery, Petőcz Cellars, Szivek Cellar.

Participating wineries / A résztvevő pincészetek

Babarczi Vineyard and Winery

Babarczi Vineyard and Winery is situated in one of the smallest wine regions of Hungary, Pannonhalma wine region, at the edge of Small Plain. The family owned winery was founded [...]

Béres Winery

The story of the Béres Vineyards and Winery began in 2002. This was the year Béres family, motivated by the love of Tokaj and its wines, decided to take up […]

Borbély Family Winery

Borbély Family Winery is indeed a winery of which duties the whole family takes part in: both the founder Gyula and his wife, Gabriella, and both the second generation represented by Tamás and Diána.

Csányi Winery

Csányi Winery is located on the outskirts of the town of Villány, the predecessor of which, Chateau Teleki Winery was established by Zsigmond Teleki in 1881. The owners considered the […]

Dubicz Winery & Vineyard

Dubicz Winery & Vineyard is a wine cellar with 115-year history and 100 hectares of own vineyard that focuses mainly on white wines.

Dúzsi Family Winery

Horticulture engineer, teacher, active consultant winemaker Tamás Dúzsi is a member of Wine Academy of Hungary, Pannon Winemaker Guild of Hungary (Magyar Bormíves Céh) and a former road-cyclist.

Feind Winery

Lajos Feind founded the winery in 1995, when he bought 14 hectares of vineyards close to Lake Balaton. At that time it was only grape growing, but it set the path towards the establishment of a winery.

Koch Winery

The Koch Winery has been dealing with viticulture and wine production for generations. It is located in Hajós region, Borota. The modern winery is been managed in 140 ha, it produces 27 types of wine and sells 800.000 bottle in a year.

Lajver Wine House

When planning our estate, a particularly important aspect was to respect our natural conditions and to adapt to them so that the estate could fit into its surroundings as harmoniously as possible.


Sauska is a family-owned and operated winery with vineyards in both Tokaj (NE Hungary) and Villany (SW Hungary). We grow indigenous and international grape varieties and use only the power of gravity and ambient yeasts to craft our wines.

Steigler Cellar

The organic tissue of several elements: an outstanding terroir, unique aromas and flavours, human fates, tradition of millenia and an exceptional cellar. A tool in the hand of nature to create quality organic wines to please people.

Taschner Winery and Sparkling Wine Cellar

The family vineyard is of 26 hectares, where mostly indigenous grapes are grown, but besides Kékfrankos, Zweigelt and Zöldveltelini (Grüner Veltliner) special grapes are grown as well.

Tűzkő Estate

The history of Tűzkő Estate dates back to the beginning of the 1990s when Hungary went through some groundbreaking political and economic changes. This transformation created real market conditions and opened up the county for foreign investors as well.

Vylyan Vineyard and Winery

We believe that the quality of wine is mainly determined by the grape. Fine wine can be made only with excellent grapes since we start with the fundaments even when building a house.

Zsirai Winery

Our beloved father raised us along these principles, and he established the Zsirai Winery based on them. These are the values we follow when fulfilling his dream and his legacy.

The Guests

(partners are not listed)

  • Elizabeth Smith, wine writer, Naked Wines USA, California
  • Charlotte van Zummeren editor, wine writer, www.winebusiness.nl, The Netherlands
  • Kis Michal, wine writer, winner of the 5th WebWinWriting contest, Poland / Hungary
  • Marco Barbieri, wine writer, finalist of the 5th WebWinWriting contest, Italy / Hungary
  • Valeria Tenison, editor, wine writer, VertdeVin, France
  • Leo Stervander coffee merchant and sommelier, Kobo, United Kingdom
  • Tibor Dékány, wine writer, winner of the 5th WebWinWriting contest, Béres category, Hungary
  • Anna Smolec wine writer, Restaurant magazine, Pink Mode, Poland, finalist of the 5th WebWinWriting contest
  • Eduardo Brethauer, wine writer, owner of  Brethauer.cl blog, Chile
  • Júlia Kovács, key account manager, Les Grands des France, Hungary / France
  • Csaba Rádler, sales and marketing manager, REKONTIR Group, Hungary
  • Zoltán Papp, brand manager, Volkswagen, Porsche Hungaria, Hungary
  • Ádám Tóth, advertising manager, Volkswagen, Porsche Hungaria, Hungary
  • Eszter Uzoni, media connections, Porsche Hungaria, Hungary
  • Diána Papp, writer, Hungary
  • Bernadette Lautner, banking expert, Hungary
  • Gyula Sümeghy, Head of Cabinet, Eötvös Loránd Research Network, Hungary
  • Csilla Jánosi, owner of Wine a’More Travel, Hungary
  • Ágnes Herczeg, wine expert, consultant at Lidl, HerczegAgnes.com, Hungary
  • Dr Gabriella Mészáros, DipWSET wine expert, Borkollégium, Hungary
  • Ákos Kamocsay, chief winemaker, co-woner, Hilltop Neszmély
  • Dr József Kosárka, founder of the Circle of Hungarian Wine Writers, Hungary
  • Evans Victoria, sommelier champion, Hungary
  • Sylvie Pelissier, expat event organizer, France / Hungary
  • Wolfgang Endress, wine merchant, Weinkomplott, Germany
  • Sergey Smolin, wine writer, Russia
  • Alessandro Candriella, wine merchant, owner, Calix, Hungary
  • Julia Scavo, sommelier champion, France
  • Ewa Hangel, wine merchant, owner, Kociolek y Wino, Poland
  • Emma Bozsó, manager, St Andrea Skybar, Hungary
  • Tímea Kókai Nagy, wine expert, Hungary
  • Csaba Harmath, wine expert, consultant, Hungary
  • Dr Ágnes Veszelszki, lecturer, Corvinus University, Hungary
  • Gergely Somogyi, wine writer, owner, Tokaj Today, winner of the 5th WebWineWriting, Béres category
  • Zoltán Bordás, wine merchant, Borfutár, Hungary
  • Balázs Tokaji, photographer, Hamu és Gyémánt, Hungary
  • Zsuzsanna Gyimesi, journalist, HVG, Hungary
  • Péter Szauer, journalist, editor-in-chief, HVG, Hungary
  • Ivett Vancsik, editor-in-chief, VinCE Magazine, Hungary
  • Borbára Kalmár, wine writer, VinCE Magazin, Hungary
  • Sándor Németi, wine writer, ballet dancer, owner, WineArtCulture.hu, Hungary
  • Zsolt Ferenczi, owner, Wineart.sk, Slovakia
  • Emese Domián, DipWSET wine expert, Hungary
  • Sándor Ember, wine writer, Hungary
  • Krisztián Száraz, SEO expert, ChrisDry.com, Hungary
  • Tamara Borostyán-Kovács, wine writer, winner of 5th WebWinWriting contest, HNT category, Hungary
  • Ádám Borostyán, Hungar
  • Sándor Silye, wine writer, winner of 5th WebWinWriting contest, Koch category, Hungary
  • Erika Németh, tasting coordinator at VinCE Magazine, Hungary
  • Tamás Várhelyi, university lecturer, tourism, Hungary
  • Brigitta Kocsis-M., speaker, owner, Borportre.hu, Hungary
  • Poós Bernadett, communition, HNT, Hungary
  • Gábor Laczkó, chief winemaker, Törley, Hungary
  • Zsuzsa Toronyi, owner, Wines of Hungary UK, United Kingdom / Hungary
  • Alíz Németh, project manager, Agricultural Marketing Centre, Hungary
  • Gyula Fóti, sommelier, Sophisto Champagne Bar, Hungary
  • Péter Kemény, manager / conductor, Era Nova Orchestra, Hungary
  • Lorand Szarvadi, executive manager, Bálványos Resort, Romania
  • Izsák Norbert, coach, Hungary
  • Dániel Mucsi, Cult in Glass, Hungary
  • Attila Petzold wine and spirit expert, Hungary
  • Dr Mihály Konkoly, wine expert and writer, Hungary
  • Zoltán Szabó, winemaker, Hungary
  • Zoltán Horváth, winemaker, Planina, Hungary
  • Natália Szenczi, wine collector, Hungary
  • Péter Farkas, Culinaris, Hungary
  • Péter Eperjesi, Ezerjó wine store, Hungary
  • György Táncos, Ezerjó wine store, Hungary
  • Dr. Tünde Jójárt, wine enthusiast, Hungary
  • Róbert Vágó, wine enthusiast, Hungary
  • György Pálfi, Ab Ovo wine store, Hungary
  • Csaba Máté, Ab Ovo wine store, Hungary
  • Gergely Horváth-Töreki, actor, Hungary
  • Czidor Kati, acress, Hungary
  • Bogdán Tihamér, actor, Hungary
  • Károly Gulyás, Izsóp restaurant, Hungary
  • Gyula Gál, blogger, Zamatkaland, Hungary
  • Mihály Lőrincz, wine writer, absolute winner of the 4th WWW contest, chemical engineer, Hungary
  • Gábriel Nyulasi, blogger, Ihatóbb Magyarország, Hungary
  • Sándor Borbély, Borpromo.hu, Hungary
  • Szilvia Farkas, Borpromo.hu, Hungary
  • Edina Antalicz, Pannonpiac, Hungary
  • Gábor Antalicz, Pannonpiac, Hungary
  • Kitty Borsos, sommelier, Hungary
  • Tibor Veress, owner of Veressbor wine store, Hungary
  • Zoltán Mészáros, wine expert, sales manager, Szeged Event Centre, Hungary
  • Hajnalka Szabó, blogger, Borkaller.hu, Hungary
  • Nikoletta Magyar, blogger, Borfokolo.hu, Hungary
  • Lídia Füle, event organizer, InVinoLidia, Hungary
  • László Dorozsmai, Hotelkomfort
  • József Deák, sommelier, instructor, Hungary
  • László Ernst, sommelier, Hungary
  • Zsolt Rausch, sommelier, Hungary
  • Balázs Borbándi, wine enthusiast, Singapore / Hungary
  • Tamás, Gubucz, wine enthusiast, Singapore / Hungary
  • Endre Kassai, social researcher, wine writer, Hungary
  • Dr. Krisztián Tass, wine enthusiast, Hungary
  • Dezső Dér, Metropolitan Universtity, Hungary
  • Dániel Farkas, wine enthusiast, Hungary
  • Dániel Áron Csonka, wine enthusiast, Hungary
  • Ágnes Ruttkai, Hilltop Neszmély, Hungary
  • Máté Csanaky, Zsirai Winery, Hungary
  • Tamás Dúzsi, Dúzsi Family Winery, Hungary
  • Zsuzsanna Babarczi, Babarczi Winery and Vineyard, Hungary
  • Tamás Borbély, Borbély Family Winery, Hungary
  • Tamás Illés, commercial manager, Pannonhalma Archabbey Winery, Hungary
  • Kitti Síkabonyi, Tűzkő Estate, Hungary
  • András Schlotter executive manager, Lajver Wine Estate, Hungary
  • Rebeka Vida, winemaker, Lajver Wine Estate, Hungary
  • Sándor Tóth, winemaker, Vylyan Vineyard and Winery
  • Bernadett Dunai, Dubicz Winery and Vineyard, Hungary
  • Ferenc Németh, driver, Hungary
  • Andrea Kulcsár, organizer, Hungary
  • Márk Bognár, web developer, Hungary
  • Dr. Ákos Lini, wine enthusiast, Hungary
  • Rebeka Pásztor, student, Hungary
  • Anna Angelika Horváth, student, Hungary / Spain
  • Nóra Barna-Kocsis, student, Hungary / The Netherlands
  • Kitti Balázs, student, Hungary
  • Ágnes Németh, owner of Hungarianwines.eu, Hungary

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