Beauty contest for vineyards

Agrotrend group has announced the „beauty contest” of agricultural plantations for the third time. After the nomination period a jury of experts selected the finalists in 3 categories, and now we are in the voting period. In grape grower-winery category the finalists are Holdvölgy (Tokaj), Szent Donát (Balatonfüred–Csopak) and Etyeki Kúria (Etyek wine region). All of them are wonderful, deserve the vote. We have the most nice experiences with Etyeki Kúria, what is more we have worked togeher several times, we took groups to this stunning estate, thus we are convinced that they deserve the prize for an extra reason: the inner beauty of the whole staff. As for the wines, we have mentioned many times their amazing Pinot Noir, their lovely white wines, their juicy yet elegant rosé. Yes, we are biased, but with reason. Planning a trip to Hungary without visiting the Etyeki Kuria winery is a crime” – wrote Signe Meirane Latvian wine writer. Agreed. So if you have two mintues, vote for them!

Read Signe Meirane’s whole article about Etyeki Kúria

Vote here for the most beautiful wine estate (the website is Hungarian, search for Etyeki Kúria, then click on ’Szavazok’, only one vote / person).

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