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Eszterbauer – a good example of rebranding

Changing the look of a brand from time to time is a must. However, following the trends and keeping traditions at the same time – plus not loosing customers – is hard. Eszterbauer Winery in Szekszárd has introduced the new labels of their wines: they could keep the main concept of featuring ancestors, forefathers, yet the labels look fresh, elegant, and what is more important: the different categories can clearly be distinguished from each other.

Top wines – his majesties rule the floor

Tivald, Mesterünk, Grand – wines with history, the “aristocrats” of Eszterbauer family – we have put aristocrats in quotation marks, because János Eszterbauer mentions the poorest figures as well, Tivald is a good example of this. As János remembers, Tivald was a shabby dayman, and János, as a naughty child used to make fun of him. Now he dedicates a really unique wine to the dayman: Tivald 2017 was announced as the Best Cabernet Sauvignon of VinAgora competition (2021). It also won gold medal at Mundus Vini, in Germany. We are looking forward to the 2018 vintage, it will be released to the market in March.

Eszterbauer top wines new label
Eszterbauer premium wines

Full Moon and other exciting items

The next category within Eszterbauer wines is the premium line, the new labels are easy to distinguish from those of the top wines above.

We have already introduced “110 éves kadarka”, the wine of the 110-year-old Kadarka vineyard, though at that time the vines were only 108 years old…

Teli Hold (Full Moon) is the new name for the Kékfrankos wine of the estate (earlier it was Eszterbauer “Frankos”). The first and previous vintage was 2017, the first single vineyard, partially barrel aged, premium Kékfrankos of the winery. Now, the new, 2019 vintage arrives – not surprisingly from the Eszterbauers – with a family anecdote. Here is how János remembers the story:

“My great-grandfather had a big moustache and he was a most stubborn man. He insisted on his own land, thus when the agitators of the communist cooperatives came, he escaped to a hamlet. He went home only once a week, for food and clean clothes, always at dawn, before sunrise. As the family remembers, once he was having a decent drink from the ‘demijon’, by the light of the full moon. He wiped his moustache slowly and said to the moon: ‘Hey, Moon! Who are you compared to me? You get full only once a month, while I get full – with wine – every day!’ He never joined the cooperatives, he remained free and independent all his life.”

The wine is available from March.

The next category, the Szekszárd bottled wines have also renewed, see photo below.

More about Eszterbauer Winery

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