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Furmint from Somló

It is still February, it is still the month of Furmint, as we wrote earlier on Unraveling Wine. It is important to state that though Furmint is the most important grape in Tokaj wine region, it is not exclusively grown there, what is more, Furmint thrives in many other wine region of ours.

Somló, the smallest Hungarian wine region on volcanic soil gives gorgeous Furmint wines, with that distinct “Somló flavour”. Tornai Winery is one is of the best producers, their 2015 vintage Top Selection Apátsági Furmint won gold medal at International Wine Challenge in 2016. “Lavender, dried fruit and overripe tone are dominating the nose. Aroma of oak ageing in combination with characterful minerality, followed by ripe fruit, apple, pear and good acidity, that supports the back of the wine. The long finish with complexity points to an exciting wine with outstanding ageability.”

Tornai wines are available in several countries (for example in the United Kingdom through Sociovino) and they also ship abroad.

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Winter pleasures with Tornai Winery

If you happen to be stuck in Hungary, a hiking tour is a great pastime activity. Tornai Winery can be the alfa and the omega, your starting point (they provide you a free map of Somló with hiking routes) and warm your body and soul with mulled wine. After an exhausting hike you can enjoy some more mulled wine…

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