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Great Juhfark Tasting

16 October, Somló, Hungary

Why a sheep? Because ‘Juhfark’ literally means “sheep’s tail”. For explanation scroll down. Tornai Winery in volcanic Somló wine region has been organizing Juhfark Celebration for five years, the 6th edition is on 16 October. A whole day dedicated to the flagship winery with walk around tasting, bus tour, vertical tasting and Juhfark–cheese pairing – it makes it an unmissable event for the lovers of the peculiar grape variety.

Impossible to choose

The organizer Tornai Winery creates a brilliant program from year to year, but this edition promises to be more exciting than ever. The walk around tasting offers 28 Juhfark wines from 17 wineries, and participants of the bus tour around the volcanic mountain will not travel “dry” either, they will stop and taste several times. The vertical tasting will be conducted by Tamás Tornai, the owner himself, and he will present pearls like Top Selection Grófi Juhfark 2013, while Dr. Gabriella Mészáros, author of several books will present stunning artisan cheeses with selected Juhfark wines.

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More about Juhfark grape variety

Juhfark takes its name from the sheep’s tail, as the long cylindrical shape of the bunches resemble the sheep’s tail. It is often cited as the ‘wines of the wedding-night’, since it was believed to help when a couple had been longing for a son.

Rather neutral, restrained nose with some flowers and green apples. High, sometimes brutal acidity. It is really difficult to tame this variety, but there are amazing examples of it in history! If you are not afraid of straightforward acidity, take a chance on it. In Somló, the minerality paired with high acidity results some outstanding wines with great ageing potential.

Juhfark is grown almost exclusively in the small volcanic hill of Somló, a small amount in Balatonfüred.

Somlói Juhfark Ünnep

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