Happy Mother’s Day, Kriszta!

Krisztina Csetvei is not only a great winemaker, but also a creative mind, who never runs out of new ideas. We loved her ‘periodic system’, which did not consist of chemical elements, but grape varieties of Somló wine region. Of course creativity would not mean too much without outstanding wines, but, thanks God Csetvei Cellar is not short of stunning wines. Lately her Ezerjó (an indigenous grape) was selected by a leading Spanish wine writer the best white wine of the year under 10 euros (correction: the wine costs a bit more). This Ezerjó was aged in amphora – an experiment which goes on in Krisztina’s cellar. If you are interested in her wines, you can order them from “Holnap ott a bor” (‘The wine will arrive tomorrow’) webshop. Of course the wine will not arrive to foreign countries within 24 hours, but the company is an expert of shipment abroad – we shipped with them several times.
In the photo Kriszti’s daughter, Panni can be seen, who is preparing with a “piece of art” for Mother’s Day. We wish Kriszti happy Mother’s Day and we wish her (and ourselves:) a lot of great wines for many-many years!

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