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Have a happy, sustainable Easter with Kristinus!

Go natural, drink organic, be open – some of the most important messages of Kristinus Wine Estate (South Balaton), which created some exciting wine & gourmet packages for Easter. The labels are colourful – just like nature itself –, and also to support the #familyisfamily movement.

Oliver, Oliver!

The protagonist of the cover photo above is Oliver, a fully organic (certified) wine, fermented spontaneously, matured on fine lees, unfiltered and made of Irsai Olivér grape variety. Oliver is an absolute vibrant character. The explosive fruitiness is already reflected in his aroma: fresh grapes, elderflowers, many citrus fruits, nectarines, as well as exotic aromas mangoes and lychees. The storing on fine yeast for seven months decisively contributed to the excellent structure of the wine. It’s really lively but the dynamic acidity is accompanied by a solid, pleasant feeling of creaminess. It’s longer than medium. We love its “Oliver-style” vibrancy and natural honesty without any makeup. He entertains us also as a solo player but he fits also to a grilled salmon with lemon sauce, seafood or lighter salads.

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Tomato chutney with fennel and other delicacies

Kristinus has found a partner to offer some organic snacks with Kristinus wines. They have found some super exciting products made directly from small, local and organic farms’ ingredients where, responsible animal husbandry and sustainable farming are the basis of everything. The delicacies come from the innovative team of a Balatonfüred wine bar called MÓR24. The young team is a startup, in fact they have just won the Startup of the Year in Balatonfüred (the northern capital of Balaton).

The Easter packages are exciting and are prepared to astonish connoisseurs with food and wine pairings. Kristinus Pet-Nat for example matches perfectly with the crunchy, slightly spicy, sweet curry pickles of MÓR24, since Kristinus Pet-Nat is made of the aromatic Muscat grape.

See the content of Kristinus–MÓR24 Easter packages

kristinus easter ackage

Family is family

The colourful labels of Kristinus also help draw attention to the colourful world – and also to negative discrimination of couples of the same gender. In Hungary this issue is treated improperly: a new act was accepted in a hurry when people worried most about the pandemic, and the government had extra power to carry on urgent measures if needed. Seemingly the new act was urgent: to declare that in Hungary a mother should be a woman and a father should be a man. Couples of the same sex do not have the same rights any more, they cannot adopt children.

Kristinus supports #familyisfamily movement, as it is shown in a short video, photos are taken from the video.

kristinus family is family

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