Vesztergombi Shiraz Mundus Vini

Mundus Vini gold medal for Vesztergombi Kerékhegy Shiraz 2017

The only red winner Hungarian wine

Sand in the gears

The famously precise German wine contest is not that precise this time – the search function does not work properly, does we cannot state the exact number of medal winning Hungarian wines (if you enter Hungary in the search field, the appearing list does not contain the below mentioned gold winner wines). We contacted Mundus Vini team and received answer quickly – with a link that still does not function properly. We requested a full list of Hungarian medal winning wines, when we receive it, we will update this post.

What we know now is that there are (at least) 5 Hungarian gold medals: 2 sweet white wines by Varga Winery, 1 still and 1 sparkling white by Törley and 1 red wine by Vesztergombi Cellar. Altogether “more than 4,500 wines from 35 wine-growing nations around the world were tasted and evaluated at the 29th MUNDUS VINI Grand International Wine Award.”


Vesztergombi vintage 2017

2017 – “once in a lifetime” vintage

Hungary is first of all a white wine country, we usually top international contests with sweet white wines. Thus the success of a red, especially made from an international grape has a special importance for us. Vesztergombi Cellar has been collecting serious acknowledgements for three decades, and the passionate work is rewarding every vintage. Csaba Vesztergombi, the second generation winemaker works with his father, the founder and Winemaker of the Year 1993. He constantly seeks perfection and greatness in their wines. 2017 Vesztergombi Kerékhegy Shiraz is a single vineyard wine from grapes from Kerékhegy (‘Wheel Mountain’) vineyard of 280–290 metres above sea level. The soil is mainly loess, rich in red clay and contains smaller bits of limestone. Vines were planted in 2007, 4500 vines / hectare, the training system is medium high cordon. Harvest took place at the end of September, the wine aged in 300 L and 500 L oak barrels for 24 months and 6 months in bottle.

If you analyze the ‘Geschmacksprofil’ (Aroma profile) of the wine made by Mundus Vini jury members (see below), you can see that this is a fruity wine with some coffee, chocolate and eucalyptus notes, with great body, complexity, harmony and potential. 2017 was a great vintage, as Csaba Vesztergombi says “Every winemaker deserves a vintage like this once in a lifetime”. Wines from this vintage are all “great personalities”. Congratulations!

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Mundus Vini aroma profile

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