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Olívia – the enchanting blend

If you like aromatic grapes, you might have heard of Irsai Olivér, an indigenous Hungarian grape. In spite of the rumors, the name of the grape was not sold for money (by the breeder who was reported to be a gambler). The story is false, the breeder, Pál Kocsis gave the name of this cross – between Pozsonyi Fehér and Csabagyöngye – in honour of a wine merchant friend’s son. He said that this boy has a much more beautiful name than his own one, and the grape itself is a flamboyant one, thus it deserves a fancy name (Pál Kovács is a very common name in Hungary like John Smith in English).

Now how can this handsome guy, this aromatic ‘Olivér’ get some female charm?

The Frittmanns had an idea: the family winery in Kunság wine region has been working with Generosa, a less known variety for a long time. The Hungarian Generosa is a cross between Ezerjó and Piros Tramini (Savagnin Rose). This pink-berried cross was obtained in 1951 by Bíró Károly in Hungary, tested since 1976 by Edit Hajdú at the Kecskemét viticulture research centre, and finally christened Generosa in 2004.

So the Frittmann guys blended Irsai Olivér with Generosa, and thus Olívia was born! The wine is charming, intense on the nose but not overwhelming, like a gracious young lady. Refreshing, juicy and the aromas of ripened grape linger on in our mouth. The two varieties work together perfectly, the result is a super balanced, wonderful summer wine!

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