Only 5 days left until Aszú Day

Aszú Day is celebrated on the 10th of December each year not just in its homeland but all over the world. Thus you still have 5 days to order a bottle or pop in the nearest wine store. We will recommend a Tokaji Aszú every day until THE day and we will share a golden drop of information as well. Let’s start with a 12 year old wine, Béres Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos 2008!

12 year old Tokaji Aszú – in perfect shape!

Golden with an orange tint. Big and bold the nose reveals layers of dried fruits, beeswax, honey, caramel besides the typical notes of oak ageing. An elegant acidity enlivens the palate highlighting a core of juicy tropical fruits and citrus. Residual sugar, volume and alcohol are all seamlessly integrated in this unctuous wine. The finish is laced with Earl Grey tea and chamomile. Opening a bottle of this Aszú is cause enough to celebrate.
Now, until 15 December, the wine is available with 30% discount!
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Did you know?

The unique character of the Tokaj wine region (by Wineglass Communication)
Without the special microclimate and geographical features of the wine region Tokaj aszú could not have come into existence. With two rivers, Bodrog and Tisza running through the region, autumn mornings in Tokaj are shrouded in mist. Morning fog followed by dry weather during the day is conducive to the development of Botrytis cinerea, a.k.a. noble rot which then pierces the skins of healthy and ripe grapes thus initiating the process of „aszúsodás”. The lack of just one of these factors is enough to render a vintage fruitless as far as aszú production is concerned.

If you open a bottle of Tokaji Aszú during the festive period, use the hashtag #KoccintsAszuval (‘toast with aszú’) to share the experience!

tokaj botrytis
Botrytis needs humidity – mist over Tokaj vineyards Photo: Ferenc Dancsecs

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