Type of the wine: White, dry
Grape variety: Irsai Olivér 100%
Acidity / alcohol content:  6 g/l 12%
Terroir, vineyard:  Soltvadkert
Training system:  NA
Harvest: Hand harvested
Technology: Reductive
Quality level:  Premium Wine
Temperature:  9-10 °C
Food pairing:  Roasted pultry, dishes made with fruit
Available quantity:  80.000 Bottles
Retail price:  900 HUF / 3 EUROS


The intensive fragrance of this straw yellow coloured wine delivers hints of different flowers, citrus, green apple and peach. On the palate, the easy-going but dynamic acids accompanied by light body and low alcohol content make the pleasant first flavour impression. Aromas follow the notes of the bouquet, its aftertaste is characterised by herbal and lime associations. Nevertheless it is a fragrant wine, it is still a wonderful drink to quench thirst.

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