Type of the wine: White, sweet
Grape variety: Zeusz 100%
Acidity / alcohol content:  79,6 g/l / 12 %
Terroir, vineyard:  Gulács mountain
Training system:  Single cane umbrella training system
Harvest: Hand harvested
Technology: The shrivelled, in small part botrytized berries were harvested at the beginning of November. 2–3 hours of skin contact, fermentation and ageing in stainless steel vat. Bottling took place in June 2017 and it was released to the market in December 2017.
Quality level:  Premium
Temperature:  12-13 °C
Food pairing:  With desserts made of yellow flesh fruit and blue cheese.
Available quantity:  500 Bottles
Retail price:  4.800 HUF / 15 EUROS


Fine, subtle dried, overripened fruit character with discrete minerality. Elegant acidity finely balancing residual sugar.

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