Sabar Cabernet Franc 2018


Type of the wine: Red, dry
Grape variety:  100% Cabernet Franc
Acidity / alcohol content:  1,1 g/l 13 %
Terroir, vineyard:  Sabar hill
Training system:  Medium high cordon, yield: 1.5–2 kg/vine
Harvest: Hand harvested
Technology: Ageing in 225 L used oak (Hungarian, French and Austrian) for 9 months
Quality level:  Premium Wine
Temperature:  16–18°C
Food pairing:  Since the notes of oak ageing are not dominant, they just add a touch of spiciness to the fruity character, it can pair well with dishes containing fruits. It is worth trying a pork or beef plate served with plum chutney, but foie gras with fig or rose duck breast with forest fruits will also work. Apart from fruity plates, this Cabernet offers the experience of harmony with Italian style pastas of cheese and tomato.
Available quantity:  2200 (3281 were made)
Retail price:  2.990 HUF / 8–9 EUROS
Importers:  Belgium (Qwine), Slovakia (Beer&wine Depot PWR s.r.o.), UK (Novel Wines)


After 9 months of resting in the barrel, our Sabar hill Cabernet Franc was born. Pronounced nose of allspice, a hint of charming violet, smoky elegance and the fruitiness of blackberry.

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