Type of the wine: White, dry
Grape variety: Szürkebarat 100%
Acidity / alcohol content:  1,6 g/l / 13,5 %
Terroir, vineyard:  Mór wine region
Training system:  Traditional Medium High and High Cordon (Guyot)
Harvest: Hand harvested
Technology: It was partially fermented and aged in wooden barrel (1/3), and partially in temperature controlled stainless steel tank (2/3). The blend was then aged in 225 litre Hungarian oak barrel for 4 months.
Quality level:  High Quality/h6>

Temperature:  12-13 °C
Food pairing:  Ideal with poultry and hard Cheese.
Available quantity:  360 Bottles
Retail price:  2.500 HUF / 7 EUROS
Story:  Krisztina Csetvei has created a kind of ‘periodic chart of chemical elements of Mór wine region’. All her labels are made according to this chart, the letters refer grape varieties, just like the letters of the periodic table refer to a certain chemical element.


Bright, golden colour. On the nose an exciting mixture of freshly sliced fruits (peach, grapefruit, pineapple, pear) and spiciness. Complex, luscious on the palate. Full bodied wine with very long, juicy finish.

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