Type of the wine: Red, Dry
Grape variety:   Merlot (35%), Blaufrankisch (33%), Syrah (19%), Cabernet Franc (11%), Cabernet Sauvignon (2%)
Sugar / Alcohol:  1.18 g/l / 13.85 %
Vineyard:Mandolás, Városhegy vineyards southern and southwestern aspect
Technology:Each grape variety was processed and vinified separately, after careful separation. After fermentation wines are matured in large older barrels (50%), older barrique barrels (30% – made of Zemplén and Mecsek oak) and tanks (20%) for one year, followed by the blending of each of them.
Quality level:  Classicus
Temperature:  14-18 °C
Food pairing:It pairs well with slightly fattier meat roasts or spicy hot vegetable ragouts. It also pairs perfectly with paprika dishes, Italian pasta and not overly tangy cheese.
Available quantity:  140.000 bottles
Retail price:  3,84 EUROS / PALETTE (120 BOTTLES)
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ÖRDÖG is the blend of local varieties in the classicus product range, named after the Devil in love in the traditional Villány legend. It is not the finesse, but the liveliness that makes it popular. The most valuable characteristics of this blend of local varieties are its powerful, dynamic structure, lively and refreshing acidity. On the palate it features the fruity notes of dried sour cherry and ripe cherry with hints of cinnamon spiciness. In the aftertaste the taste and texture reminiscent of cocoa powder also appear. The idea of the legend’s devil about marriage lives on in this diabolical blend.

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