Somlói Juhfark in wine and spirit

The “Christmas elves of Somló” are already working: at Tornai Winery industrious hands are preparing the special packs for Christmas. The estate is famous for its numerous international awards, among others the 4 International Wine Challenge Trophies. Aged, complex dry white wines of indigenous grapes like Hárslevelű or Juhfark are more than worth trying, and the estate makes late harvest wines, even icewine as well.

Sheep’s tail – a grap for acid lovers

Juhfark is definitely the number one grape variety of the volcanic Somló. It takes its name from the sheep’s tail, as the long cylindrical shape of the bunches resemble the sheep’s tail. It is often cited as the ‘wines of the wedding-night’,since it was believed to help when a couple had been longing for a son.

Juhfark is rather neutral, restrained nose with some flowers and green apples. High, sometimes brutal acidity. It is really difficult to tame this variety, but there are amazing examples of it in history! If you are not afraid of straightforward acidity, take a chance on it. In Somló, the minerality paired with high acidity results some outstanding wines with great aging potential.


The spirit of the mountain

We have a national spirit with protected origin, it is ‘pálinka’. Pálinka has to be made of 100% fruit or grape marc. At Tornai Winery we can taste the famous Juhfark in “spiritual manifestation”, because they make Juhfark Szőlőpálinka(‘szőlőpálinka’ means ‘grape pálinka’). For the enthusiasts of rare varieties it is a great experience to taste Juhfark as a wine and as a pálinka. You will recognize the delicate aromas in the spirit, guaranteed!

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