Tamlyn Currin speaks frankly about Villányi Franc

The annual Franc & Franc conference and tasting event is coming closer, this year it will take place on 20–21 November. Villány producers await experts and winelovers to taste the 100 % Cabernet Franc wines. They are indeed worth tasting. If you need more argument, read Tamlyn Currin’s latest article on JancisRobinson.com!

The land of crocus flower

Tamlyn Currin article gives a thourough, yet concise introduction to Villány wine region. Besides the most important figures, climatic conditions and grape varieties, the writing includes the explanation of the Villány wine regulations, and even the use of the crocus symbol. Villányi Franc is certainly mentioned: ‘ The grape most proudly associated with Villány is Cabernet Franc. They even have an annual international Cabernet Franc conference called Franc&Franc, to which Cab Franc producers from all over the world are invited. Cabernet Franc varietal wines made in Villány are (confusingly, I think) called Villányi Franc and at the top level are awarded a special classification…’

The article goes on with the detailed description of two wineries, Gere Attila and Heumann, with several wine descriptions. Let us quote only the Villányi Franc wines from both cellars.
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Attila Gere, Ördögárok Dűlő Villányi Franc 2016 Villány (17 scores by Tamlyn Currin)
100% Cabernet Franc, from the Ördögárok (means devil’s ditch) single vineyard. Bottled spring 2018.
Bold and full, very much not a Loire Cab Franc! Smells like blood-orange-peel oil. Cranberry fruit set through big, wrought-iron tannins. Stunning fruit. This is a cello, with power and grace and length. Cab Franc in a whole different light.
Retail price: 30 euros

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Heumann, Villányi Franc 2013 Villány (17 scores by Tamlyn Currin)
100% Cabernet Franc. Hungarian oak.
Ripe red fruit moving into plenty of fine tannins and the scentedness of pencil shavings and crisp green herbs. Remarkably elegant for a 14.5% wine. Lifts in the mouth with a minty, lavender, wasabi kind of freshness. Great wine that needs to be on a table with good food.

Available in the UK: £24.75 Wanderlust Wine
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Franc & Franc on 20–21 November

It is hard to plan anything these days, but we still hope that the pandemic situation will get better and this amazing event can host experts and winelovers from foreign countries as well. Villány wine region community hosted its very first Franc & Franc Conference and Tast­ing Day in 2015, when wine producers and their wines from the Loire valley were invited to participate. Over the past five years, the main Cabernet Franc producing regions from both Europe and the New World have introduced themselves at this event which is aimed at industry professionals who wish to focus on Cabernet Franc, and who believe in the variety and in vinifying it alone.

In addition to the usual presentations, this year visitors will have the opportunity to taste classic, premium and super premium Cabernet Francsfrom Villány, with the interpretation of professionally recognized experts. Additionally, samples from major European and New World styles will be presented by two Master of Wine experts (in case travel is permitted…).

Venue: Conference Hall, Bock Winery (Address: 7773 Villány, Batthyány Lajos street 15).
We will keep our readers updated!

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