The foreign local hero, the authentic blend, the essence of Central Europe

Masterclasses of Hungarian Wine Summit

Dr. Caroline Gilby MW, Elizabeth Gabay MW, Peter Mc Combie MW and many other renowned wine experts give masterclasses at the first Hungarian Wine Summit. Topics include Cabernet Franc, the foreign local hero, Olaszrizling, the essence of Central Europe, Tokaj’s natural sweet wines, Kékfrankos, Hungary’s vibrant black variety, the thousand faced Furmint and Bikavér, the authentic blend of Szekszárd and Eger.

The peaceful bulls

Bikavér is the most historic, famous, and at times infamous, red blend of Hungary. Bikavér literally means “bull’s blood”, it explains the bull figures on the label. Typical in the northern region of Eger and the southern region of Szekszárd. The masterclass will provide a brief summary of the history of Bikavér before exploring how the style has evolved in the two regions and how they have developed two distinct identities. Finally, it will take a look at how the next generation and new regulations are moving this wine style into the future.
Elizabeth Gabay MW will have two co-speakers, two young winemakers, Csilla Sebestyén from Szekszárd and Tibor Gál from Eger. While the two wine regions will never agree on the story of the blend (who made bikavér first), we, wine consumers just benefit from their competition…

Registration for the masterclasses begins soon, keep an eye on the website of the event!

Trade members are welcome

Hungarian Wine Summit, the 3-day exhibition will feature selected wineries from all over the country. Importers, distributors, sommeliers and wine writers will have the chance to taste wines from a wide range of wineries, who were selected according to strict criteria:

– Size do not matter, both larger and smaller wineries can introduce the wines, in case the quality of the wines meet the international standards.

– “Help the ones who deserve it” – AMC aims to give opportunity to wineries, which can add significant work, passion and stamina. The trade fair is only the first step, therefore the exhibition showcases wineries, which definitely have the potential, the human resource and the wit to go further.

Trade members are welcome, entrance is free for them, however prior registration is a must. Professionals should fill in the registration form here to get a pass to enter the fair.

Wine & gastronomy: side by side with the ‘Chef Olympic Games’

Bocuse d’Or is the most famous, the most prestigious competition for chefs, no wonder, Hungary is proud to host Bocuse d’Or European final again. Hungarian fine dining scene has undergone serious improvement, just to mention one amazing record: Budapest boasts the most Michelin stars among the former Eastern Bloc countries. Hungary has some outstanding results from the previous Bocuse D’Or contests as well: Tamás Széll won the European final in 2016.

Hungarian Wine Summit and Bocuse d’Or European final will take place with SIRHA, the largest Central-Eastern European gastronomy and HoReCa trade fair.

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Hungarian Wine Summit 2022

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