The Hungarian Parliament is to pick their own selection

In Hungary many authorities, institutions and even cities and towns have their „own wine”. The doctors have an annual wine contest to choose the Wine of the Semmelweis University of Medinice, the scientists of all science gather in the Hungarian Academy of Science – and of course have their own wine selection every year. The Parliament itself has lacked its own selection so far, but the unacceptable hiatus of the gathering of the representative will be cured soon, as László Kövér, the president of Parliament has just announced himself the first parliamentary wine contest. The wines are expected in 8 categories, and all of them has a maximum price limit.

The categories:

  • Olaszrizling (as known as Welschriesling)
  • Furmint or Furmint based blends
  • Other white wines made of any of the indigenous varieties of Hárslevelű, Juhfark, Ezerjó and Kéknyelű.
  • Kékfrankos (as known as Blaufrankisch)
  • Bikavér (or as it was used to be called, the Bull’s Blood)
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Tokaji Aszú dessert wine

The Parliament will buy 200 bottles of the winning wines of each category and offer them for the guests arriving to the Parliament of Hungary in 2017.
The contest has a nomination fee of 8000 HUF + VAT (approximately 33 euros gros), and it is not a new tax on winemakers, as the organizers say the nomination fee is to filter the samples.
The editor of is a judge at the contest.
The results are expected to be in April.

The House of Parliament of Hungary is the largest governing building of the continent of Europe (London’s Houses of Parliament is bigger, but it is not on the continent as strictly as that), and the third largest House of Parliament in the world. It is situated on the bank of the river Danube, and the magnificent building is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The Holy Crown of the ancient kings is exhibited in here.

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