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The wine list of the first Hungarian 2 Michelin star restaurant outside Budapest

Platán, Tata

The town of Tata has a lovely lake with a medieval castle, yet this little settlement is definitely not among the top tourist attractions of Hungary. Except for the devoted foodies! Michelin Guide went to the countryside of Hungary for the first time, and Platán restaurant has immedialy received not one, but two Michelin stars!

Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary – leading gastro players in the countries of the former Eastern Bloc

Michelin does not include some of the former Eastern Bloc countries in its guide: Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina restaurants are not rated by Michelin inspectors. It may sound playing with the numbers, but we can say that the gastronomy of Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary is rated the highest in Michelin Guide. Croatia has more recommended restaurants, but Hungary has more stars (11 altogether). Croatia also has the most restaurants with distincion: 24. Slovenia also has 11 stars, 23 restaurants with distinction, but Hungary has more recommended restaurants altogether.

Eastern Bloc Michelin stars

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Platán – cuisine by chef István Pesti

Your evening starts with an aperitif and snacks on the terrace beneath the castle, before you are shown through to a barrel-vaulted cellar where four tables sit in front of the open kitchen. Here, the team work with calm efficiency and meticulous precision to create highly sophisticated dishes which are packed with deep, well-balanced flavours and bags of personality; choose 4, 6 or 8 courses, with wines to match. For the full experience, stay the night in one of the nearby bedrooms and make the most of their spa. Michelin Guide
Apart from the decent Champagne range and some bottles here and there, the wine list concentrates on Hungarian wines. The local wine selection is remarkable with wines unknown even for the Hungarian winelovers from Neszmény wine region. At the moment we can only say that we are also curious about the wines from Currus, Kisbaka and Turay wineries. however we have not tasted anything from them yet.
As for the red wines, we can find icon wines like NJK 2015 from Kovács Nimród Winery (Eger), Eszterbauer Tibald Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 from Szekszárd, Heumann Trinitás Villányi Franc 2015from Villány or Vylyan Mandolás 2017 also from Villány.
The sweet section includes Holdvölgy Culture Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos 2010 (the bottle in our cover photo), a Furmint–Hárslevelű–Zéta blend with 176.2 g/L residual sugar and 9.6 g/L acidity. A complex, exciting sweet wine with notes of tropical fruits, oriental spices, flowers, green tea, mint and a pinch of vanilla.
A 12 course degustation menu with international wine pairing costs 102 000 HUF (about 250 euro).
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Platán restaurant 2 Michelin star Tata, Hungary

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