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Tűzkő Domb: heart warming winter comfort

The white and rosé wines of Tűzkő Estate are just about to be released, but meanwhile we can find some comfort in the cold of winter: Tűzkő Domb, the flagship wine of the estate.

The wine is a blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot, the grapes are hand harvested from 16 year old vines in the low yield vineyard called Tűzkő Domb (Tűzkő Hill) in Mórágy village. Moderate barrique maturation and long bottle ageing make this wine elegant, subtle and long lasting.

The icon wine of the winery following the classic Bordeaux style and made only in exceptional vintages. This harmonious, full bodied, yet spicy and vibrant wine was born from the revival of traditions. Gold medal winner of several national and international competitions.

Deep colour, full bodied, matured wine rich in refined tannins. Thanks to the two varieties fruity and spicy notes meet, and the blend is made complex with some discrete barrel ageing and 10 months of bottle ageing. Refined, integrated tannins with the deep, warm character of Cabernet Franc and the velvety and chocolate character of Merlot.

Ideal with venison dishes, red meat and desserts made with chocolate and sour cherry.

Retail price: 15 euros

More about Tűzkő Estate

tuzko white wine bottling
The 2020 vintage Tűzkő white wines are just about to be released

Noblesse oblige – outstanding quality for centuries

Tolna wine region is a hilly, romantic area with tiny, sleepy villages. Tűzkő Estate is situated here (150 km from Budapest), and it has a long history. It is closely related to that of the Counts of Apponyi family of French origin. The roots of the family date back to the beginning of the 18th century, but their most active period took place in the 19th century. Tűzkő Estate winery owns a peculiar underground cellar behind the hill, carved of leoss and strengthened with bricks at the beginning of the 1700s. These cave cellars have kept the same temperature for the past 300 years, the annual change of temperature is constantly under 1 °C, therefore the ageing of the wines still take place within these historic caverns.

tuzko cellar
The 300 year old underground cellar of Tűzkő Estate

Then came Marchese Antinori…

The present day history of the estate is also linked to a noble family – the Italian Antinoris. Two renowned Italian wine people: Marchese Piero Antinori and Marchese Jacopo Mazzei, who have been closely related to the world of wine for generations through their family traditions, discovered the potential of Tűzkő Estate. They had foreseen the potential of establishing a winery with large capacity at high quality. When considering their decision, they took into account the following: the high quality of wines produced here, the astonishing beauty of the landscape, the impressive underground cellars, and the vineyards of the estate with rich history. As a result of the promising figures, Marchese Antinori decided to take over Tűzkő Estate in 2000.

antinori tuzko arpad erdelyi
Marchese Piero Antinori in Budapest at a wine event with Árpád Erdélyi, the estate manager of Tűzkő Estate

Romantic escape into the past

Travelling is not an option yet, but we must be optimistic and believe that this nightmare will be over by the spring. When the world reopens, Tolna wine region can be an ideal destination for those, who want to restart travelling step by step, and would visit a paradise of tranquility first.

If you look for accommodation tips or ideas to organize a future wine trip, let us know, we at Hungarianwines.eu are happy to help. The 4 wheel drive wine tour below is a great way to discover the region.

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