Two days of LOVE

Bonfire at Haraszthy Vineyard

This year the annual bonfire event of Haraszthy Vineyard will be two days long on 15–16 October. The 16 metres long and 10 metres high statue called LOVE gives an unparalleled scenery to the event.

The story of LOVE

In 2017 a unique, grandiose statue called LOVE was placed in Vál vineyard of Haraszthy winery created by Ukrainian artist Alexander Milov. This breathtaking piece of art had been erected in Nevada at Burning Man festival in 2015, but now it shines its message of love in Hungary. The gigantic wire figures symbolize the conflicts between man and woman, while the children figures embody our desire to love and being loved.

Home made ‘Gulyás’ and Irsai

The programme of the festival is not overcomplicated: tickets include a portion of home made Gulyás soup, unlimited tasting of Haraszthy The Story wines and a LOVE wine glass. The Story line of Haraszthy Vineyard is dedicated to Ágoston Haraszthy, the Hungarian born viticulturist, the father of Californian wine culture.
His life is full adventures, he founded towns, he was a sheriff, operated a steamboat on the Mississippi, took 300 grape varieties to America, planted sugar cane in Nicaragua – and was killed tragically by an alligator. ‘Pioneer’ takes us to an early stage of his life, when he left Hungary for the first time, spent 40 days on a ship and upon arrival he founded the oldest incorporated village in Wisconsin, Haraszthy Town. The wine is made of Irsai Olivér, an indigenous aromatic grape of Hungary. Refreshing, juicy, cheerful wine at cheerful price (around 4 euros in retail). The Story line includes a rosé (Pinot Noir) and a white blend (Királyleányka and Sauvignon Blanc).

Tickets cost 6000 HUF / person on the spot (17 euros)

For early bird tickets (4000 HUF) contact the winery

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