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Women will love it in Hong Kong: Holdvölgy Eloquence

The results of the latest (5th) edition of Hong Kong based Women’s Wine & Spirit Awards have just been announced: 5 Hungarian gold medals, 3 dry wines by Jammertal (Villány) and 2 wines by Holdvölgy (Tokaj). One of them, Eloquence is the same wine, which has won Grand Gold at Berliner Wine Trophy earlier this year. What is so special about this (now double) great result? Well, check the price of the wine… (Or just go on reading.)

Szamorodni – and ancient style and its due revival

“I believe Women’s Wine & Spirit Awards results are a guarantee to the customer of a quality product.” – comments Sara Rossi, head sommelier and wine buyer at Trinity London. Well, we hope so, thus, as a consequence we might hope the presence of gold winner Holdvölgy Eloquence on the wine list of Trinity, since the wine list of this prestigious Michelin star restaurant has a rather modest range of Tokaj wines.

‘Szamorodni’ is an ancient vinification style in Tokaj, something to watch for those who wants great value. Though this wine category is under Tokaji Aszú, this recent gold proves again that our ancestors were right when they created a sweet wine with some botrytised berries – and the contemporary winemakers are clever enough to continue with the tradition. Holdvölgy Eloquence 2011 is a Furmint and Hárslevelű blend with 115.6 g residual sugar. And in retail it costs only around 13–15 euros!

Tokaji Aszú – like always…

Holdvölgy also won gold medal for Holdvögy Culture 2008, a gorgeous Tokaji Aszú made of Furmint, Hárslevelű and Zéta with 176.9 g/l residual sugar. Only 10 500 little bottles were made, and the price is obviously higher: the informative retail price is 82 euros.

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Holdvölgy Eloquence gold medal

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