10th VinCE Budapest Wine Show

In 2010 this event was the first of its kind: walk around tasting with selected wineries, masterclasses with international, renowned wine experts, ideal circumstances for tasting. The wine show has become highly successful, and now organizers are preparing for the 10th edition on 25–27 April. The venue has changed, in the first 8 years a five star hotel hosted the grandiose tasting, and last year the recently restored Castle Garden Bazaar took over. The historic building is located by the river Danube, and the magnificent complex itself is worth visiting. At the wine show some 200 exhibitors, mostly Hungarian wineries will present around 1000 wines,and the show is completed by workshops and masterclasses. There will be some tutored tastings dedicated to vintage champagnes by Essi Avellan MW and György Márkus, and certainly there will be a masterclass dedicated to 10 year old Hungarian top wines to commemorate the anniversary, the speaker will be László Romsics, the consultant editor of organizer VinCE Magazine.

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3 wineries not to miss at VinCE Budapest

Babarczi Winery, Pannonhalma

The family winery is situated in the rather small Pannonhalma wine region, one of the smallest regions of Hungary. The winery is usually represented by Zsuzsi Babarczi, an always cheerful, lovely lady, and the wines are just like her: fresh, lovely, elegant. Babarczi Winery vinifies all of their wines with reductive technology to keep maximum frutiness, and the results are juicy and crispy. Taste their Irsai Olivér!

Etyeki Kúria, Etyek

A state of art winery in the vicinity of the capital of Hungary with astonishingly precise wines, with great design and with several events throghout the year. Their rosé wine is always one of the best in Hungary, their Pinot Noir is simply stunning, and their Chardonnay has just been evaluated for 5 stars at VinCE Magazine panel tasting (March issue).

Kovács Nimród Winery, Eger

The „Burgundy of Hungary” – as often quoted about Eger wine region because of its geographic location, soil and climate. And Nimród Kovács proves this noble title year by year both with his Monopole Battonage Chardonnay and his Monopole 777 Pinot Noir. Apart from the international varieties, it is a must to taste his wines from indigenous Furmint– the best Furmint of Vinagora international contest – and Grant Bleu, an amazing Kékfrankos.

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