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3 instant reasons to visit Sopron

Well established wineries like Taschner (with Vinagora gold Chardonnay), exciting newcomers like Steigler (with Vinagora gold Kaméleon Cuvée and Zöld Veltelini)– and of course the stunning, shallow lake with buzzing wild life. Watch this short video to get a glimpse of this wonderland. The slogan at the end: experience thousand wonders!


Taschner – passionate for his homeland

István Kurt Taschner gets up early in the morning and rushes to the vineyard – this is the place where he really feels at home. He takes amazing photos of sunrise and sunset, and cares for his vines like his children.

Taschner believes in indigenous grapes, thus Kékfrankos (Blaufrankisch) and Zöld Veltelini (Grüner Veltliner) play important role in his winery along with less known varieties like ‘Korai Piros Veltelini’ (Frühroter Veltliner). At he same time István Kurt Taschner, owner and winemaker of Taschner Winery and Sparkling Wine House works with international varieties as well and he likes experimenting and doing things others do not practice. He is the only one who released his bottle fermented Chardonnay sparkling wine without being disgorged– to let the sommelier or the keen winelover do the disgorging himself. At the latest edition of VinAgora international wine contest Taschner Soproni Chardonnay 2019 received gold medal. The wine aged in used oak for 6 months, only 1300 bottles were made and its retail price is under 10 euros! A beautiful example of the variety with a hint of “Sopron character”.

More about Taschner and his wines

Taschner Soproni Chardonnay
taschner kurt sopron irsai

Steigler Cellar – an organic cellar to discover

Steigler is a relatively new estate in Sopron wine region, but with clear concept and attention to the vineyards they have become successful rapidly. Great results at magazine panel tastings and competition brings growing popularity of Steigler wines – and with the clever marketing they are practicing Steigler Cellar will surely go higher and higher.

At the latest edition of VinAgora Steigler Kaméleon Cuvée 2019 and Steigler Zöld Veltelini 2019 (Grüner Veltliner) won gold medals and Zöld Veltelini Premium 2019 won silver medal. Kaméleon (‘Chameleon’) is a true summer wine made of 95% Zöld Veltelini and 5% of Muscat Ottonel. A light wine with refreshing flavours from Steigler Cellar. Zöld Veltelini (Grüner Veltliner) gives the backbone of the wine, seasoned by a touch of Muscat Ottonel. Light lemon colour. The nose is characterised by fresh citrus fruits and floral notes complemented by the typical, softer notes of Muscat.

More about Steigler wines

Steigler Kaméleon Sopron
Steigler Cellar

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