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5 dream wine venues for wedding

‘Yes” on the top of a volcano or in a chapel-like wine cellar. Wedding dinner in “The Most Beautiful Wine Estate”, professional team in the “Vineyard of Budapest”. Etyek, Somló, Villány, Mátra, Tokaj – 5 superb choices.

Etyeki Kúria winery wedding venue Hungary

Etyeki Kúria – city and village

Etyek is the “Vineyard of Budapest” due to its proximity to the capital. The state-of-the-art Etyeki Kúria and its event venues are indeed a dreamlike place in many aspects. The wines are stunning and guests can enjoy the benefits of Budapest along with the charm of a village. Etyeki Kúria won The Most Beautiful Wine Estate title in 2022.
Capacity: 150 people can be seated in the Pavilion, the largest of the 3 venues.
Wines: Cool climate white, rosé and red wines, international (eg Chardonnay, Pinot Noir) and local (Zenit, Kékfrankos) grape varieties. Sparkling wines are also made in the winery.
Catering: catering is provided by a partner company called Pearl Event & Wedding.
Accommodation: There are some guest houses and a small hotel in Etyek (like Rókusfalvy) and Budapest is also within easy reach.
Distance from the nearest airports: 90 km (Budapest), 139 km (Bratislava), 165 km (Vienna).
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Etyeki Kúria wedding Hungary
Tornai Winery wedding venue Somló Hungary

Tornai Winery – on top of a volcano

The smallest wine region of Hungary is Somló with its volcanic soil and indigenous grape varietes, especially Juhfark. It is said to be the “wine of the wedding nights”, thus it is an obvious choice for a wedding. The breathtaking landscape gives a stunning scenery for the photos.
Capacity: 120 people indoor plus 200 people on the terrace (the terrace can also be covered)
Wines: Tornai Winery has a whole range of fresh and aged white wines with some rosé wines. They also make Pálinka.
Catering: Tornai has its own spacious restaurant with a large terrace. The kitchen is excellent.
Accommodation: The winery has two guest houses on the west part of Somló with some rooms, and Somló has some more guest houses, all in 10 minutes’ drive.
Distance from the nearest airport: 174 km (Vienna), 192 km (Budapest)
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Tornai Winery wedding Somló Hungary
Bock Winery wedding Villány Hungary

Bock – where whispers are audible

The iconic Villány winery boasts with one of the most beautiful cellars in Hungary. The chapel-like central part of the cellar offers incredible acoustics, no wonder the place is a usual setting of renowned opera performances and other concerts.
Capacity: 120 people
Wines: mostly aged, complex red wines with some still and sparkling white wines.
Catering: the winery has its own restaurant called Bock Óbor Restaurant with excellent quality dishes inspired by the local, Swabian culture.
Accommodation: the winery has a hotel – Bock Hotel Ermitage – and the guest house, therefore in case of advanced booking all the wedding guests can stay in the estate.
Distance from the nearest airports: 219 km (Belgrade), 231 km (Budapest)
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Bock Winery wedding Villány Hungary
Sol Montis winery building Mátra Hungary

Sol Montis – the beauty of Mátra

Mátra is the largest mountainous wine region of Hungary and Sol Montis is one of the top estates of Mátra. Sol Montis was selected the 3rd Most Beautiful Wine Estate of Hungary in 2022. A family estate run by father and daughter.
Capacity: 80 people
Wines: a wide portfolio with great price-value aromatic wines, premium white and red blends and also sweet wines.
Catering: the winery does not have a kitchen, therefore there are other options for catering.
Accommodation: the winery has some guest rooms and there are many more nearby, for example in Lifestyle Hotel Mátra and in Limbus guest house.
Distance from the nearest airport: 90 km (Budapest), 198 km (Kosice)
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Sol Montis wedding Mátra Hungary
Béres vineyards wedding Tokaj Hungary

Béres – World Heritage wedding

Béres Vineyards is situated in the picturesque village of Erdőbénye, in the world famous Tokaj wine region, surrounded by vineyards. Quiet and romantic. The Most Beautiful Wine Estate of Hungary (Bor és Piac magazine, 2015).
Capacity: 70 people indoor, 90 people in the covered terrace.
Wines: a wide range of Tokaj wines (all white) from dry (including method traditional sparkling wines) to sweet Tokaji Aszú wines, plus Béres Pálinka.
Catering: the winery does not have a kitchen, therefore there are other options for catering.
Accommodation: the venue does not have rooms, but the village Erdőbénye offers many rooms including Hotel Magita and Préselő guest house.
Distance from the nearest airport: 73 km (Kosice), 243 km (Budapest)
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