Winelovers Grand event 6 April 2024 Budapest, Hungary

A grandiose playground for winelovers on 6 April in Budapest

Winelovers Grand event

More than 150 Hungarian exhibitors with some 700 wines to taste, 100 plus foreign and local top wines in a separate hall, masterclasses, free pop-up lectures, premium spirit booth – all in one place, on one day. Tickets are cheaper if purchased in advance.

Date and time: 6 April 2024, 11.00–22.00
Venue: Corinthia Hotel Budapest, Erzsébet krt 43–49., Budapest, Hungary
Standard ticket: 14 900 HUF (in advance), 16 900 HUF (on the spot)
Ticket for professionals: 10 900 HUF, (in advance), 16 900 HUF (on the spot)
(Fine wine hall samples are to be paid on top on the entrance ticket.
Buy your ticket here (in Hungarian, but google can help) or contact the team.
If you want a professional ticket, send your name, position, field, company in the email.
Masterclasses: The masterclass tickets are to be purchased separately. The topics are international: English sparkling wines, Rhine Rieslings around the world, Frescobaldi wines and Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon wines. More information here (in Hungarian).

3 unmissable wines

Tűzkő Chardonnay Barrique 2021, Tolna

The organiser of Winelovers Grand launched an international wine contest 3 years ago. The 2019 vintage of the barrique aged Chardonnay of Tűzkő Estate in Tolna (owned by Marchese Piero Antinori and Mazzei family) won the Best Chardonnay acknowledgement at this contest. Giulia Bernini from Tűzkő Estate commented about the wine and the award in a recent interview: “Tűzkő Barrique Chardonnay is a flagship of our winery and we couldn’t be prouder of this achievement. We produce a small quantity and the wine is aged in our „homemade” barriques, produced by our sister company European Wine Cooperage. I think that the smoothness created by the barrel ageing together with the high acidity and minerality of the wine, create a perfect balance that makes you want to drink the next glass”. Now the 2021 vintage is available, do not miss it! Participants can meet the team of Tűzkő Estate since they are one of the exhibitors.

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Read the whole interview with Giulia Bernini
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Tűzkő Chardonnay Barrique 2021 Hungary

Koch&Evans Villányi Franc 2018, Villány

In the Top Wines Hall visitors will have the chance to taste the fruit of the joint venture of the Winemaker of the Year 2019 and the Hungarian Sommelier Champion 2020 – Csaba Koch and Victoria Evans. Ruby colour of medium intensity. The attractive, “warm” nose already reveals the varietal character of the wine. Blackcurrant, cherry, sour cherry and raspberry appear along with notes of barrel ageing, like tobacco, smoke, graphite and black pepper. The wine is rich in acidity and tannins and it is in harmony with the body. The palate is abundant in red berry fruits, long lasting chocolate and cocoa notes. A balanced wine, a great example of the variety. The wine has an ageing potential for at least 10 years, as Victoria Evans commented. The sommelier recommends the wine to pair with venison or beef steak, but she also suggests us to try it with hard cheeses.

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Koch & Evans wine

Holdvölgy Signature 2010, Tokaj

As written above, in the so-called Top Wine Hall wine samples are to be purchased separately, but every drop is worth – especially in case of wines like Holdvölgy Signature 2010. This wine won Vince Award last year in late harvest category (a prestigious award by a print magazine) and also won EXPOVINA Wine Trophy in Zürich 2023 gold medal and Best Of Sweet Wines acknowledgement. A late harvest wine made of Furmint, Hárslevelű and Zéta, the “liquid signature of the estate”. Its elaboration can be compared to a free style excercise of figure skating. The target: choosing from the historical Tokaj wine-making techniques (Fordítás, Máslás, Szamorodni, Aszú, Eszencia) and preparing the most beautiful wine of the vintage, according to Holdvölgy style. Reaching the most dynamic structure possible, with the complexity of an Aszú 5 puttonyos. Fresh and rich Botrytis aromas, lush flavours of honey flowing in it, an excellent sugar-acidity balance, youthful freshness and unforgettable richness of flavours. Its high sugar content accompanied by such acidity is only able to offer so many fruits and aftertaste. It has decades to live!”

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Holdvölgy Signature

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