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The Koch Winery has been dealing with viticulture and wine production for generations. It is located in Hajós region, Borota. The modern winery is been managed in 140 ha, it produces 27 types of wine and sells 800.000 bottle in a year. In 2014 the Koch Winery won the Winery of the Year award. It has a wide range of outstanding wines including cserszegi fűszeres, rosé, cabernet sauvignon and kadarka. Vin Art Winery is been created in Nagyharsány to process its grapes suitable in Villány.

The ’happy grape’

Koch Winery has implemented his own vineyard techniques regarding canopy management in Hajós–Baja wine region. The owner and winemaker, Csaba Koch studied biology, he is an oneologist and agricultural engineer, and his main concern is the vine and its wellbeing. The main point of the special grape growing method is that after a srtict pruning and canes tying (sylvoz training system), buds are not hid, the free growing of the vine is not obstacled in any way. The result is a relatively big, airy canopy that grows according to the needs of the plant around the wires. The plant grows as much canopy as it needs for the optimal photosynthesis. A small proportion of the leaves is cut at the end of the summer. The result is high quality and low costs, since the vineyards saves a lot of manual work. The vine plant is happy, because it can absorb and use as much sunshine as possible.

Csaba Koch



Hajós-Bajai Irsai Olivér 2020

The fabulous scent of a flowery spring meadow, bright sunshine and the the crispy freshness of the fruits are captured in the bottle. Open it and let them entertain you, enjoy the feeling!


Hajós-Bajai Cserszegi Fűszeres 2020

Gooseberry and elderberry on the nose with ‘the promise of full bodied wine (just as charming as that of a beautiful woman). On the palate its acidity is like a melody. Complex wine in which the variety and the technology encounters and results in preserved primary aromas and flavours, still it is not the usual perfume like wine, not simple and flat, but attractive, healthy, full of life and power.


Hajós–Bajai Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 2020

Its colour resembles that of the strawberry cut in half. On the nose we can discover the typical Cabernet Sauvignon fruity aromas, mostly raspberry. Charming rose wine with flavours of strawberry and blackberry on the palate, which is a result of the constellation of an outstanding variety, the properly used reductive technology and the bravery of the winemaker. The noble Cabernet Sauvignon is very rarely used for rose wine in Kunság wine region and in the whole Great Plain of Hungary – but this Koch rosé justifies the endeavour. Slightly more full bodied than the usual roses, still it is an easy drinking, elegant wine which reveals the knowledge of the winemaker.


Hajós–Bajai Kadarka 2018

This beautiful Kadarka wine reflects the warmth of vintage 2018 and its aromas and flavours express the richness of the black soil of ‘Bácska’ territory. The wooden vat fermentation and barrel ageing makes it spicy, velvety, vivid – full of fire!


Hajós–Bajai Cabernet Franc 2018

After a hint of paprika and other spices, the intense sour cherry aroma is the first impression of the wine. Vivid, pleasant acidity, rounded, refined tannins, surprisingly soft texture – especially knowing the age of the wine. After the first sip it proves to be a well made, decent wine to drink. Medium body, a little masculine bitterness. Then, after another sip and breathing some walnut appears – thus we have to start tasting again… It is a nice, easy drinking wine indeed. An example where Kadarka shows its charming face.


Hajós–Bajai Late Harvest Chardonnay 2016

The classic green-greenish yellow colour oily swirling promises a significant body. First some hay, green apple, gooseberry appears on the nose, then after a little breathing the ripened grape becomes dominant. On the palate the body is really full as it was promised. Some might lack the range of acidity, but as a whole it is an elegant, respectful, noble wine. The alcohol level is almost 15%, and this with the barrel ageing gives you a wine for thought, a decent Chardonnay from Hajós–Bajai wine region.


Kunsági Ice Wine 2007

Dark tones, almost the colour of the ancient gold. A really special wine to be the last course of a dinner. The fruity nose reveals the wonderful balance of apricot, hazelnut, almond and acacia honey.


Hajós–Bajai Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique 2018

Dark purple colour. First spices on the nose, after breathing more and more fruit is added with nuts, then some coffee and dark chocolate with the air of vanilla pampers us from the glass. On the palate we experience the richness of red berry fruits from raspberry to blueberry. Complex, yet rather fruity wine expressing the wish of the winemaker: let the fruity flavours of the grape rule, barrel ageing should only back the fruitiness of the wine. In its long finish we come across the spices and fire of that of Szekszárd wine region – embarrassing enough, because the wine is from Hajós–Baja.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Vin Art Villányi Cabernet Sauvignon Classicus 2015

 Rich nose and palate with its own character. Complex, layered structure and distinct aroma profile.

cabernet sauvignon

Villányi Cabernet Sauvignon Prémium 2012

Wonderful, exciting aromas and flavours, velvety tannins make the experience of tasting this wine complete.


Villányi Csanád Cuvée 2015

It has the colour of pomegranate. Regarding the nose the first impression is that of punch and vanilla waking up a series of associations of the taster. Besides them we can smell several fruits like blueberry and blackberry. Then behind them we can discover a kind of ‘propolis’ note resulting from bottle ageing. On the palate vanilla is still dominant accompanied by sweet, dark berry fruits and spices. Significant body, relatively high alcohol, integrated tannins, soft acidy form the wonderful composition of this wine.


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