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A wine video that will surely cheer you up

Nightmare in Sabar Wine House is the title of the following video, but do not expect any bloody scenes. Sabar estate in Badacsony wine region has been active and examplenarily creative, which results in growing number of regulars and devoted followers. Blues events in site attract hundreds of guest each year, their witty and funny photos and videos usually get countless likes. Of course all this creativity would be worthless without outstanding wines, but thank God Sabar has them, too. What’s more, the winemaker of Sabar, Bálint Földi is dubbed more and more times as “soon the best winemaker of Hungary”.

In the recent Sabar video we can see the owner, Gábor Ádám preparing to go to sleep, but before bed he is checking the latest guest reviews. 5 stars from all the customers, he can go to sleep now. However, in his dream, a failure appears…

The video shows how devoted the whole team are, and if they make mistake – which they obviously do, like everyone who works –, they will do even better afterwards.


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SOS – I need some Sabar!

Hungary has just applied stricter regulations today: all the bars and restaurants have to close for 30 days, no events are allowed (not even football matches…), and citizens should stay at home between 8 pm and 5 am.

Sabar team is prepared to deliver wines home (within Budapest shipping is free, in other parts of the country shipping price varies, send an email to check), and if you happen to stuck in Hungary, you can visit the wine shop of the estate on Sabar hill, they are open every day until 7 pm. For November, Sabar has a special offer called Dry November. Yes, you can do your Dry November fasting without effort if you order the Sabar 6 bottle pack – since all the wines are absolutely dry!


Sabar wines in the United Kingdom

If you live in the UK, you can order Sabar wines from the Decanter Retail Award winner webshop called Novel Wines!

More information about Sabar and its wines

Sabar wines in the UK

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