Csetvei Krisztina Mór Ezerjó

Adopt a dozen of Ezerjó vines in a Hungarian organic vineyard!

A Christmas gift that lasts a year – by Csetvei Cellar

Adopting a baby tiger in the Zoo is nothing special, hundreds of people can boast a certificate that they are the proud adopters of a little cutie. However, adopting a tiny vineyard, enjoying the wines from those very vines and visiting them, seeing our name on a plate – that is something!

“Our vineyards are cultivated organically and they love listening to music”says Krisztina Csetvei in her announcement about the adoption. Indeed, Kriszti and her husband, Frici often organize events in Csetvei Garden surrounded by vineyards, and music always plays an important role here. Our second Hungarian Gettogether also took place in Csetvei Garden, we loved every moment of it! (Watch a short video about the event here.)

The vineyard adoption is another creative idea from the couple: the proud adopter receives 12 bottles of Ezerjó wines from the adopted vineyard! The price is more than reasonable! Details below.

The price of adoption per year: 44 450 HUF (around 120 euros) and includes the following:

–12 bottles of Csetvei Ezerjó selection from the year of adoption

– 4 photos of the vineyard (one in each season)

– 1 nameplate in the vineyard (with name of the person who adopted the given vineyard)

– 1 certificate of the adoption

The process of adoption

– Send the name of the person who adopts the vines. This name will be put on the certificate.

– Krisztina Csetvei will send the certificate within a few days (via email).

– Send them the name and address for the invoice, and they will send you the invoice of adoption.

– Send a photo of the adopter so that they can prepare the nameplate for the vineyard.

– The deadline for applying for adoption is 20 December 2021.

– The adoption lasts for one year (from 23 December 2021 until 24 December 2022). Within this period the winery makes an appointment with the adopter to hand over the 12 bottles of Ezerjó wine.

– We will send a photo of the adopted vines in each season.

– The adopter is welcome to visit his or her vines personally (appointment is necessary).

More information via email: info@csetveipince.hu
or on the phone +36 20 316 8551.

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