Balaton Kristinus Analóg 2020

Analóg – a new white wine from Kristinus

The slogan of the biodynamic estate from South Balaton is “One step back”. Indeed, the estate has stepped back recently, farther from the rushing, consuming world and back to nature. Digital watches show the time by numbers, while analogue clocks use hands. Let’s step back together with Kristinus, slow down the hands of the clock and enjoy Kristinus Analóg, a blend of Tramini and Sauvignon Blanc.

Analog Balaton – the debut of Analóg

Though the word ‘analogue’ means ‘a person or thing seen as comparable to another’ or in physics it has a complicated meaning – ‘relating to or using signals or information represented by a continuously variable physical quantity such as spatial position, voltage, etc.’ – for most of us analogue is something more simple, more ancient, like the hands of the clock. Analog Balaton is a contemporary band in Hungary using real musical instrument – guitar – besides the synthesizer. Their music is a great combination of contemporary electronic music created by “buttons” and human voice / guitar music. Analog Balaton has recently given a concert at Kristinus Wine Estate – it was the day when Kristinus Analóg 2020 made its debut.

Timeless wine

For Kristinus Analóg both varieties were pressed after berrying, fermented separately, matured on rough lees for a month. After blending, it was aged for a further six months on fine less, then bottled unfiltered with very little added sulphur. The wine is available in Bortársaság shops and online.

“Somewhere between the springtime whites and the rich orange wines of our cellar, made in the simplest possible way but with the greatest enjoyment. When making this wine we had a very clear goal in front of us: healthy grapes, well tested old methods, clean flavours and a result that is timeless. That’s why it got the name, Analog.”

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