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Certainly József Bock’s winery remains a leading producer of wines in Villány wine region, however their experimental spirit is proven again. After several grape seed food products and soaps the Bocks have released a new drink: Night Shift dark beer aged in Bock red wine barrels. The craft beer is made by Horizont brewery, a craft beer company in Hungary famous for rather extreme products like the Breakfast sour, a beer with coffee, chocolate and berry fruits, a beer to capture the “flavours of breakfast”.

Night Shift is a line of barrel aged beers – the brewers have tried every barrel from whiskey to rum, and of course wine barrel was a must for them. Night Shift aged in Bock barrel is already sold out at the brewery’s webshop, however you can still order (in limited quantity) from Bock webshop. The Belgian dark strong alehas 11% alcohol, soft and elegant. “Dark coloured, spicy beer speciality based on sweet malt, which intensifies the tannins from the red wines and the unique oak–vanilla flavours coming from Hungarian, French and American oak barrels. A subtle symphony of flavours was born from blending the aromas of malt, yeast and red wine. The joint venture of Horizont and Bock promises a non-everyday adventure for the fans of the winery and the brewery.”

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Bock wines are available in several countries. If you cannot find it near our home, you can order it from Winelovers Webshop, they ship to every European country.

Horizont craft beer aged in barrel

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