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3 crazy facts about Wine & Love

Does wine help make love? Yes! It is proved by scientists. Read the arguments and our Valentine wine recommendations from Heumann Winery, Bock Cellar and Tóth Ferenc Winery. In order to have a “successful” Valentine Day, it is time to get some wine!


1. Wine helps men “act better” in bed.

Red wine contains antioxidants, which help keep vascular system healthy, and for male erection healthy veins are crucial. Plus „due to sexual stimulation the level of nitrogen monoxide rises in the body of a man, and red wine is able to raise the level of this gas even higher – and so to increase the intensity of erection” – said Dr. Zsolt Kopa andrologist and urologist in an interview of VinCE Magazine (the illustration above is from the magazine as well, created by Dániel Csordás).

So, dear gentlemen, it is time to open a bottle of red wine! Blue Secret is a red blend from Villány by Heumann Winery, which won gold medal at Mundus Vini. As the name suggests, Blue Secret blend is based on Kékfrankos (aka Blaufrankisch, ‘Kék’ and ‘Blau’ mean blue) with 15% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine partly matured in used Hungarian oak.

The photos below are taken by Heumann Winery on the occasion of Valentine Day. The first photo refers to the female mind (what is a woman dreaming of), while the second cleverly illustrates the male mind (meanwhile what is a man dreaming of…).

Heumann wines are available in the USA, Switzerland and many other European countries.
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2. Red wine protects sperms.

A study carried out by researchers at Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine in Lodz, Poland, found that sperm were stronger and had more powerful necks when men drank wine in moderation regularly. Stronger sperm are better swimmers, thus increasing the chance of fertilisation.

Another Villány wine producer, Bock Cellar is famous for its powerful red wines, Magnifico is undoubtedly an icon wine of them created only in the best vintages. A wine of exceptional quality exclusively made from selected Merlot grapes from Ördögárok vineyard, which we encounter only in exceptional years. The winemaker wanted to emphasize its particular quality through its name, naming it after Il Magnifico Lorenzo Medici.

But Bock Cellar does more to our health, not only great red wines: they have a grape seed plant where they produce grape seed oil and flour. A soap manufacture realized the potential in grape seed oil and wine, thus they released soaps made with grape seed oil and different wines. Hárslevelű, Rosé Cuvée and PortaGéza (Portugieser) soaps are available from Bock webshop.

Bock wines are available in several countries (use Wine Searcher).

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3. Wine helps women get pregnant.

In an experiment women were tested, and it turned out that women, who drink red wine regularly and moderately (not more than two glasses a day) get pregnant faster in higher ration than those who did not drink wine or drank different type of alcohol.

So, couples in love, you have so many reasons to open a bottle of wine. Just a plus one: wine pairs well, with other aphrodisiacs, for example with chocolate. At Tóth Ferenc Winery in Eger you can buy wines their perfect chocolate partner. Kékfrankos Superior 2016 is a dream partner of the Dominican dark chocolate: the velvety red wine with pleasant acidity lets the chocolate shine, none of them wants to overcome the other. The chocolate contains a little cashew, which rhymes well with the mild toasty notes of the wine.

Tóth Ferenc Wines are available in several countries (use Wine Searcher).

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