Bubbly of the weekend: Evolution Rosé Brut 2016

By Garamvári Vineyard at Lake Balaton

The bottle fermented Pinot Noir rosé sparkling from Garamvári Vineyard is a full flavoured refreshment, perfect for a May picnic. Recipe with the wine: pork tenderloin with potato soufflé and rosé sparkling cream.

VinAgora – golden rain again

Garamvári Vineyard is a renowned Hungarian winery with several prestgious titles like Winemaker of the Year (for the founder, Vencel Garamvári) or Winery of the Year. The quality work is constant: last year the winemaker, Péter Baranyai was selected The Most Successful Winemaker of VinAgora, and at the latest edition of VinAgora international wine contest Garamvári Vineyard won 5 gold medals and one silver medal.

Garamvári Imperial Extra Dry and Imperial Rose Extra Dry are sparkling wines made for Lidl supermarket chain – amazing examples of good price-value products.

Evolution with time

Garamvári Rosé is elegant, made from 100% pinot noir grapes and can only be produced by harvesting perfectly healthy bunches. The grape juice, which exudes at the time of pressing, is macerated for 2-3 hours to give it the light salmon colour with orange tones that is typical of Pinot Noir. The base wine has a firm backbone, delicate acidity, and a rich flavour, which is combined with a little tannin from the secondary fermentation to give it a unique taste. The sweet-tart flavours of strawberry, wild raspberry, and cherry are the first flavours you taste. Subtle yeasty, brioche notes emerge later from behind the fruity ones, alongside brisk but pleasant acidity.
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Recipe with Garamvári Evolution Rose:

Pork tenderloin with potato soufflé and rosé sparkling cream

peter baranyai garamvari
Péter Baranyai, chief winemaker of Garamvári Vineyard

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