Csetvei Olaszrizling medal winner at US TEXSOM contest!

Hungarian wines frequently achieve significant results at Europen wine competitions, oversea medals however are much less usual.Travis Smith from Rooted Selection, Csetvei Cellar importer to the US entered Csetvei Olaszrizling at TEXSOM International Wine Awards, because, as Travis says, this contest is really respectable, most of the jury members are master sommeliers with „quite a bit of influence in the industry”. Altogether 3 Hungarian wines were awarded medals: 2 Tokaj wines from Royal Tokaj (a silver and a bronze medal), and Csetvei Kő-Papír-Olló Olaszrizling won another bronze medal from the small Mór wine region. Kő-Papír-Olló (’Rock–Paper–Scissors’) is a wine family of three wines, all made of Olaszrizling grape with different vinification. The medal winner wine is , which stands for ’Stone’. The wine was fermented and aged in small barrel on fine lees. „Spiciness, charm and lusciousness in the bottle!”

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