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Deep dive into the magical Tokaj vineyards

A 4-minute brilliant video by Barta Cellar

Please, just start watching this video, you won’t regret it! Fresh idea, astonishing shots, an excellent way to give insight into the life of a winery. Honest and simple details, flesh and blood characters from the chief winemaker Vivien Ujvári to the woman labelling the bottles by hand.
And if you like the rooms in the first and last scenes, scroll down below the video.

A mansion with the spirit of an emperor

Barta Rákóczi-Aspremont Mansion used to belong to Francis II Rákóczi, an important character of Hungarian history, the prince of Transylvania in the 18th century. The house was completely ruined, however, the restaurateurs did an excellent job! The mansion is the best place for lovers of history. It is located in Mád (Tokaj wine region), in the centre of the village. The mansion boasts a Cigar Room, a Music Room and each suit is individually decorated.

Of course, the fabulous place would not be worth much without the excellent wines, however Barta Cellar makes wines of extraordinary quality. As Tamlyn Currin wrote once about a single vineyard Barta Furmint: “OMG, damn delicious”.

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„OMG!” „Damn delicious!” – yes, it is Furmint from Hungary

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