Designer belt ’treated by top wine’ for stylish winelover gentlemen

Bock Cellar from the southern Villány wine region on Hungary is always full of ideas. Now, in the Advent period rare, exclusive wines are available from their webshop in very limited amount: only 6 bottles / wine. The name of the wine of the day is uncovered every day at noon, so collectors should be close to their keyboard at 12 o’clock not to miss the rare vintages of Royal Cuvée or Bock Cuvée wines.

Apart from the rare vintages, a unique accessory is made with the cooperation of Bock Cellar. A young designer craftman, Ádám Gajdos makes a peculiar designer belt of Italian cow hide. The 35 mm wide belt is decorated with stainless steel ornaments and is treated by Bock Capella Cuvée which gives a wonderful colour to the belt – and makes it durable as well. The belt is called Wine Way and it has a very limited production: only 20 pieces are made a month. A belt ’drinks’ 2 cl wine, therefore a bottle is enough for 33–39 belts. The unique accessories are made on order, in the proper size and with the name of the owner of the craft belt. A belt costs 122 euros.

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